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'Seinfeld' Season 2: THR's 1991 Review

"In the end, one of the best parts of 'Seinfeld' is that it is so different."   Read More... //

Classic TV Quotes: Seinfeld Season Four

Seinfeld's fourth season picked up directly after the third with Kramer still in LA and Jerry and George going out there in a two part premiere to retrieve their friend. From there, the primary story arc of season four focused on Jerry and George's pitching of a pilot to NBC. Other memorable season four episodes that we can't help but think of when we think of Seinfeld included: To Read More Click Here .

Classic TV Quotes: Seinfeld Season Three

Season three of Seinfeld definitely had some of the moments we refer back to the most. Whether it was George concerned that "it" moved during a massage from a male, going to the bathroom in the parking garage, the invention of Vandelay Industries, or the theory of the second spitter, there was some memorable moments. However, we have to think of season three, there will always be one image that comes to mind: "The Kramer." The infamous portrait of Kramer that made its way into pop culture and college dorm rooms everywhere. To Read More Click Here .

Classic TV Quotes: Seinfeld Season Two

Before Seinfeld was in the news for little more than calling Lady Gaga a jerk, he was the co-creator and star of one of the most critically-acclaimed and popular sitcoms. Now he calls out ridiculous pop stars. How the mighty have fallen. But there's no need to forget Seinfeld for what made him famous. Ridiculous amounts of TBS reruns and TV Fanatic's collection of Seinfeld quotes should keep you more than busy laughing. Without further ado, we present to your our favorite quotes from the sophomore season: To Read More Click Here .

Classic TV Quotes: Seinfeld Season One

When Seinfeld first premiere as The Seinfeld Chronicles on July 5, 1989, the pilot did not air to much success and NBC opted to not pick up the show. Luckily, we can all thank Rick Ludwin, an executive at NBC, for finding the budget for four more episodes of season one and giving the show another chance in 1990. Of course, from there, Seinfeld took off to be one of the most critcally and commercially successful sitcoms, nay television shows of all time. So really, what Classic TV Quotes segment would be complete without Jerry and the gang? To Read More Click here .

one of the best!!!

all the real thing of life in one perfectt show!!!

Seinfeld - A new entry into the "forever".

Seinfeld is a show that will be remembered long after the original actors in the show have passed away. This is the only sitcom to make it into the golden pages of history. The only sitcom that is a must if you want to claim you've lived life to the fullest. No fan of satire, sarcasm and awkward life experiences should ever miss this show. 12 year olds and pseudo intellectual dipshits should not watch this show because it is so intelligent that they would not know where to start in the quest of understanding humor.


sorry but i hate this show its so stupid !!!

Yay for Seinfeld

Seinfeld is such a great show! Even though it is so old all of the jokes are still really funny today. If you have never seen it my advise is do! It is a sitcom based on the combined lives of Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David. My favorite character would have to be Kramer, he is just a hoot!