Sesame Street
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Sesame Street

"Zero The Hero"

Date Aired: Aug 26, 2007 (United States)

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Big Bird encounters the number Zero, who is upset because he is nothing. Big Bird sets out to show Zero that being nothing is really something. When they go to Hooper’s Store, Alan explains how the number zero helps him keep track of what he needs to order whenever he runs out of something in the store. This makes Zero feel a little better, but not much. When Chris and some children are playing baseball outside, they ask Zero to stand by the scoreboard to help keep score. Zero feels better for a little while but when Telly is upset that his team doesn’t have any runs, Zero feels that it is all his fault. He declares that he is not going to be zero anymore and decides to act like a pig instead. This causes some serious consequences. The Worm Air and Space Agency was going to send Slimey’s friend Glo to the moon, but the spaceship won’t lift off because the countdown is stuck at the number one. Zero is reluctant to lend a hand, but Big Bird reminds him of the ways he helped Alan and Chris and now he could help Slimey too. Zero agrees to complete the countdown
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