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Sesame Street

"Puddle Jumping"

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Elmo is dancing around outside when Gordon explains that it is going to rain. Gordon points out dark, gray rain clouds called nimbus clouds. Elmo loves the rain. He puts on his slicker, rain hat, and galoshes and looks for things to do until there are puddles to splash in. First, he comes upon Baby Bear who is showering in the rain. Elmo sings along and pretends to shower, too. Next, Elmo heads over to the garden where Stinky is drinking the rain, because everything needs water to live and grow. Then, Elmo meets Cookie Monster and they use their imagination to pretend they’re eating cookies that are really rain drops falling out of the sky! Afterwards, Elmo helps Oscar catch rain in a bucket. Finally, Elmo ends up with Big Bird and Rosita who are sharing an umbrella. Soon after, puddles finally begin to form! Elmo splashes around and sings about how much he loves the rain!
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