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International Friendship Week: Who's Your Favorite Group of TV BFFs? - Featured

While there are many adorable couples, bromances, and friendship duos we adore on TV, since it's International Friendship Week, we want to go bigger! Many great shows are based on a group of friends, but it's hard to get it right... but when that happens, does it ever make for some of the best shows of all! I've listed a number of amazing shows below that are all around a true blue group of amazing friends, so we want to know who from this list or those we missed tops your list of the best TV friends ever. Friends How I Met Your Mother Sex and the City Entourage Scrubs Grey's Anatomy Desperate Housewives Queer as Folk Eastwick Additional Popular User Choices: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Seinfeld That 70's Show Saved by the Bell The Big Bang Theory It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Community

I Heart NY: Guess the Fake Apples! (Updated with Answers) - Featured

In honor of this week's return of not one, but two TV series - 30 Rock and Ugly Betty - that are set in New York City, SideReel is celebrating the Big Apple! Earlier, SideReel's Kendra shared her Top 10 Favorite New York Shows . But now we're going to blow your mind. Just because a series is set in New York does not actually mean that it is filmed there! So...today we're challenging you to identify those Fake Apples! Which of the 10 "New York" series in the image above are not actually filmed in New York? Which shows have had you fooled? We'll give you a hint: 5 of the above series are/were actually filmed in NY and 5 were not. Can you pick out the fake Apples? Without usage of Wikipedia (because that's no fun...), guess which of the 5 NY series are actually filmed elsewhere (meaning Los Angeles). We'll reveal the answers tomorrow afternoon. And now for your answers: In reality, it's more like 5.5 shows that have utilized Fake Apples, since as some of you pointed out, Ugly Betty filmed in LA until last season. The other shows not filmed in New York include How I Met Your Mother, Seinfeld, Friends, Mad Men and Heroes (some may have some external or overhead shots taken in NY - like the restaurant in Seinfeld - but the primary filming for all of these shows takes place in LA). Surprised by any of these? Thanks for participating!

Discuss: Shows that Never Jumped the Shark - Featured

For a flip-side on all of our discussions this week about shows that turned bad...lets talk about the few distinguished programs that managed to never turn to crap throughout their entire duration. This of course means that only shows that have concluded are eligible. We know you all love Mad Men , but that show could turn into a hot mess 3 seasons down the line (unlikely, but you get my point). I've tagged this discussion to a few shows that I believe never went wrong. Hey look - 3 of them aired on HBO ! Sex and the City , Six Feet Under and The Sopranos (in my opinion), all stayed good throughout. So did the just-concluded Battlestar Galactica . Which shows do you think never jumped the shark? Some other possible shows: Arrested Development, The Wire (more HBO), Gilmore Girls, Seinfeld, Angel, The Shield

What Are Your Hopes and Fears For the SATC Sequel?

It's officially official: Sex and the City sequel is so happening and might be in theaters by 2010. When the first movie came out, it broke records and reminded the folks who rule Hollywood that hey, look at that, you can have a cast full of women over 30 years old and it will still be successful. And while that's cause for celebration, it would be cool to improve upon that first movie, since as long as we're all shelling out the box office cash to see these beloved characters, we should get a quality film. So, let's chime in on what we're looking for in a SATC sequel. I'll start: First of all, I can't deal with any more Big drama. They can't have him screw her over any more, right? Secondly, I hope they find something a little more meaningful for these characters to strive for beyond "labels and love." But! That doesn't mean they have to go plain Jane on the fashion. I want to see fabulous outfits, just without the tacky label dropping. Carrie did a lot of thrift shopping in the series, they should get back to that. Finally, I say "nay" to Carrie having a kid. There just has to be something else she can do. You all told me you wanted this sequel so now that it's definitely coming, it's your turn to sound off. What do you want it to look like? What could they do with the story at this point? Source here

Is it just me?

Or are the summaries for Season 4 TERRIBLE. They're worded badly and give away absolutely everything.