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See Billy Eichner passionately defend 'SATC 2' alongside SJP

Critics didnt exactly like  Sex and the City 2  (the 2010 movie has a 15 percent on Rotten Tomatoes), and Billy Eichner just doesn't get it: In a new clip from  Billy on the Street,  the host yells about how much he loves the movie to franchise star Sarah Jessica Parker, who seems to... //

Classic TV Quotes: Sex and the City Season Two

By season two, Sex and the City abadoned much of its cheesy breaking of the fourth wall and really established itself as the show we would come to know for six seasons. During the show's sophomore season we saw Carrie get back together with back, only to break up with him when she found out he was moving to PAris for six months. Of course, the season ended with the shocking finale of us finding out Big was engaged. Jerk. Meanwhile, Carrie's girls had plenty of adventures themselves. Charolette tried to improve herself in the bedroom via tantric classes, Samantha bought herself a condo, and Miranda started dating Steve, only to break up with him for the first time. To Read More Click Here .

What a great show ender

I just finished watching the last of the Sex and the City episodes, preparing for the movies, and wow. These last few episodes have really made me cry, made me laugh, they made me realize how important friendships are, as well as relationships. Sometimes things are unexpected and spontanious, those things turn out well for everyone in the end. Every one of those women seem to have found thier place and they've all become happier. I can't wait to see the movies and I'm sure they will be great. Though I fell in love with Aleksandr myself as well as Carrie did, I began to realize, just as she, that he was a man of himself. Full of his art, his ego, and I began to notice how he neglects her. He doesnt seem to understand the full Carrie and her emotions. I think her decision in the end was good for her, because she laughed for the first time in weeks, she was happy, and most of all - she wasnt alone. It seemed as things started to fall together for Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda, Carrie wasnt getting anywhere. They were all afraid of losing friendship, and yet they come together in the end. One cool thing I noticed is that she keeps her "men" stored in her phone with nicknames. It was "Russian" For Aleksandr and "Mr. Big" for, well we learn his true name in last episode, and I'll let you find out for yourself.

Marry Her a Little (She's Got All Year)

By GINIA BELLAFANTE (New York Times) Since the mid-1960s the history of single women on television is largely a chronicle of endearing neuroses. It begins with the chaos-prone Ann Marie of " That Girl ", proceeds with the addled style of Mary Richards on " The Mary Tyler Moore Show ," the frazzled soul of Ally McBeal and leads, finally, to the rhetorical self-questioning of Carrie Bradshaw on " Sex and the City ".We've gone from screwball pandemonium to narcissistic overthinking. While we could ask if such a trajectory represents an evolution at all, we would be doing so against the spirit of daisies and snowflakes and short skirts and happy endings that this kind of show, no matter its cultural currency, is in the business of cultivating. read complete review from the source

the most realistic series i have ever seen

sex and the city *the four women act so naturally, i really love them! *i love sarah's eyes it makes me stare at her for a long time. haha *i have watched it all including the movie and i am expecting a season 7 because i think the story of john and carrie doesn't end at the movie. (meeting the mom of mr. big, and the cheating of BIG in every marriage he had, etc.) *darren star did a pretty good job in creating this series ^_^


Sex And The City, was the best show ever! Every one was great. It was so much fun to see them change in the 6 years it was on. Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Charlotte York, Miranda Hobbes, and all of the other cast members did a fantastic job! GOOD JOB TO ALL AND WE WISH THE BEST FOR THEM*

Again and again and again..

I kept holding off watching sex and the city because I knew it was a good show and I wanted to hold off watching it till it was confirmed the movie was confirmed. Once they started filming I went straight at it, finished all 6 seasons in 2 weeks. Nuts, but its just so good. Definitely the best show ever and I'd watch it again and again and again anytime.


..I must say that I didnt watch the show when it was on. I heard about it but I didn't watch it. I just finished it, just saw the final episode and I LOVED IT!. One of the best shows ever!! Can't wait for the movie!!