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Shark Tanks Mark Cuban Exonerates No Idea Donald Trump In Russia Scandal Kind Of

No one is ever going to confuse Shark Tank judge Mark Cuban with a supporter of Donald Trump , but today the critical billionaire offered the big bucks POTUS a bit of backhanded slack of sorts when it came to the sprawling scandal over Russian influence in last year's election and the former Celebrity Apprentice host's own campaign and this is no April Fool's gag. Claiming that President Trump "had no clue" about possible Putin string pulling and weaponized information ....Read More... //

ABCs The Toy Box Lets Kids Run the Shark Tank

A new competition series puts the fate of the next big toy idea in the hands of very young arbiters. ...Read More... //

Shark Tank Star Daymond John Reveals His Trick To Stay Focused All Day

With a net worth of $250 million and the majority of that money being "self-made" you might want to listen to Shark Tank’s Daymond John when it comes to the things he does to be successful. The founder of FUBU created one of the most successful fashion brands in the 90s and he didn’t do it without risk. Sensing potential for the brand, Daymond and his mother mortgaged their house for $100,000 to generate start-up capital. In addition to Brown, he recruited longtime friends J. Alexander Martin and Keith Perrin into the business, and began sewing the FUBU logo onto hockey jerseys, sweatshirts, and T-shirts. To make ends meet, John held a full-time job at Red Lobster, working on the FUBU business in between shifts. In 1993, he convinced LL Cool J, an old neighborhood friend, to wear a FUBU T-shirt for a promotional campaign. The rest as they say, is history. READ MORE...

Shark Tank Tree-T-Pee: The Most Selfless Entrepreneur to Ever Appear on the Show

If there’s one episode of Shark Tank that I believe stuck out most in everyone’s mind the day it occurred it was when farmer Johnny Georges came out to promote his idea called "The Tree-T-Pee." At one point in his presentation he forgot his pitch and there was a humongous silence. Johnny’s been a farmer for over 20 years and it turns out had a very simple and extremely innovative idea. His product, Tree T Pee, is meant to conserve water through irrigation, and has served to do so quite effectively. The amount of water used per tree has gone from 25,000 gallons per year down to 800 gallons per year. While that in itself is unbelievable, what Johnny was selling his units for was even more insane. Each unit cost him $3.59 to make and he was selling them for $4.50. At that point in the show he had sold 127,000 units. This is when things got awkward and Georges was getting skewered by the Sharks on his margins. READ MORE...

11 Shark Tank “I’m Out” Memes That’ll Make You Chuckle

As much fun as it is for me to watch Shark Tank for some of the amazing but also embarrassing business ideas that come through the door, you have to give credit to the sharks as well. While I think the show could make it regardless of who the 5 sharks are, it’s obvious that these five have a great chemistry and have been working long enough that they play off of each other pretty well. I mean does anyone really notice when Barbara Corcoran isn’t there? Didn’t think so. A staple line of the show is "I’m Out," or you might hear one of them say "For that reason I’m out." It’s a good line that everyone’s gotten used to and on occasion one of the sharks will give a somewhat funny reason for why they’re out and when they say "I’m out" it’s almost funny. READ MORE...

Why Shark Tank Is Such Reliably Great TV

Its a lot more nuanced than you might think. ...Read More... //

Inside the Power of Shark Tank: How Entrepreneurs Still Find Huge Success Even Without a Deal

When stepping into Shark Tank, there's one phrase every entrepreneur hopes to hear: "I'd like to make you an offer." Since 2009, many business owners have been able to...  ...Read More... //

Shark Tank Star Launches Political Campaign And Its Not Mark Cuban

Shark Tank star Kevin OLeary is in the running to becomethe next leader of Canadas Conservative Party. The Canadian businessman announced his decision to run for office on his Facebook page on Wednesday. Im about to go into that set and announce that Im going to join the leadership race of the Conservative Party, and you know why? OLeary said in a video uploaded to his social media page. I listened to you. Thank you, the 40,000 of you that went to the website and encouraged me to do it. ...Read More... //

'Shark Tank' Judge to Run for Political Office in Canada

Celebrity businessman Kevin O'Leary is set to announce Wednesday that he will challenge for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada.   ...Read More... //

Shark Tank Video: A Purr-fect Pitch?

Things get a little hairy or maybe we should say furry? in theShark Tank this week, and weve got your exclusive first look at a pitch that leaves the sharks groaning, face-palming and yelling, Youre joking! Allow us to introduce you to PDX Pet Designs Licki Brush, the grooming tool that permitscat owners [] //