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cook was bad ass

In episode 8 cook was a beast.

skins 04x07 WTF

I cannot believe that just happened!!!! lol

Comparisons between Effy and Tony

I have noticed that while the new generation of skins doesn't take on the same story lines as the first generation, there are comparisons to be made. In the second series Tony suffered from depression and just generally not being himself after being hit by a bus. He was reserved and quite and spent his time trying to figure out how to get back to being the person he once was. Effy has now gone off the deep end with severe depression and hallucinations (not linked to any head trauma, and most likely due to her chaotic upbringing - divorced parents, drug use etc.). While I am a huge fan of skins I think that they should try and focus on creating a new story for the youngest member of the Stonehem family instead of rehashing series two ideas.


Can someone please post a link that doesn't require me to complete a survey and/or give out my cell phone number. Is this really too much to ask????

Skins Series 3 Episode 1 Everyone (May be some Spoilers)

Hey as most of you know the new season of skins kicked off on the 22nd on E4 how did everyone enjoy it? did it live up to your expectations? do you thinks there's some interesting storylines in story for the new characters?? personally the episode didnt quite do it for me...it seemed very very short and not all that much happened.... the characters are ok but i feel that cook is just a lame knock-off of chris...theyre trying to replace him or give us something that resembles him because he was such a loved charachter but i dont think its doing the trick? i did however like the brief mentions of the previous cast, evoked a bit of nostalgia in me. I think the love triangle between freddie effy and cook might get more juicy though...cook and effy getting it on was the highlight of the episode (for me anyway lol) but it will be funny to see who she will eventually end up with and how it will effect the relationship of cook and freddie.... anyway leave your thoughts...=D


Is episode 9 the last of season 2? When's the 3rd season coming out then?


yeah i agree thanks for spoiling it next time you have a comment that contains a spoiler, keep it to yourself.

:'( so sad :'( [[[CONTAIN SPOILERS]]]

i was crying soo much wen chris was dying :'( i love him :'(:'( why did they have to kill him off?! cassies bein a bitch this series n i dw like her :@ but chris is lovely n poor jal the preview of the funeral episode made me cry too :'( x


We'll find out in a few minutes lol.. Very weird!

Re: Original Cast to be Replaced Next Season

That SUCKS!!! Are they mental? We're just getting into these characters, there is SO much more to them than...'school' (bah!) Most of them never even show face in school. WTH? Lame. I hope it's a rumour. If they change the characters I'm done with the show.