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Sleepy Hollow: The Fight for Freedom Begins. Ichabod Strikes Deal with the Devil.

Freedom is a cause that we would sacrifice everything for. That is what Team Witness is planning on doing on tonight’s season four finale of Sleepy Hollow. Let the battle begin! The opening scene of this episode confused me for a minute. It turns out, the whole colonial duel scene with Ichabod and Henry is a mystical vision. I had hoped that there would be some explanation as to why the episode began like this, but the answer did not make itself known. Maybe it’s a precursor to father and son meeting on the field of battle? It was a bit of a shock to see Jobe side with the good guys for once. Guess the demon does not wish to be Malcolm’s personal attack dog anymore. I liked the show’s version of Hell and the Devil. The place looked like one of those buildings in Vegas with elevators on the outside. The Devil himself (Terrence Mann), from my impression, seemed like an older version of Two-Face. Either him, or the guy from The Matrix. Though, to be honest, I like the Devil in Lucifer better. That Devil amuses me greatly. Another shocking moment in this finale is that present Molly is no longer a Witness now that Malcolm has been defeated. Now future Molly is the Witness for she and Ichabod now share the bond that he and Abbie once had. Color me extremely intrigued. READ MORE...

Sleepy Hollow: Future Molly Appears. Ichabod Becomes War.

You know a show is starting to get good when one of the good guys become evil. In tonight’s episode of Sleepy Hollow, things are about to get real and a whole lot worse. Team Witness, be on high alert! When the mystery woman, Lara, first appeared, it confused me. I thought that the show had gone all Legends of Tomorrow on me by introducing a character from the future. It turns out; I was right in a way. Lara is from the future, but she’s not who she says she is. Our girl Lara is none other than Miss Molly all grown up. Yep, did not see that coming. I also find Malcolm’s plan to use unique totems to summon the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse intriguing. That and using four humans as the host for each horseman. The part where Ichabod took the bullet fired from the Turricula Ignis for Agent Thomas was a bit ironic. Back in previous seasons, we saw Jeremy Crane become the Horseman of War. Now, it is his father’s turn. Granted, the job was intended for Agent Thomas, but Ichabod couldn’t let Molly lose her mother again. Way to play the hero, Crane. READ MORE...

Sleepy Hollow: Ichabod Comes Home and Malcolm Achieves Immortality

To quote the classic film, The Wizard of Oz, "There is no place like home.". For Ichabod Crane, that statement couldn’t be more right. Our resident man out of time gets to go home in tonight’s Sleepy Hollow. There he will not only find the last piece to the Philosopher’s Stone but a shocking truth. A truth that will shine a light on his epic battle with the Horseman of Death. When Malcolm told Ichabod that General Washington had used him as a sacrifice to the Stone back in Colonial Times, it shocked me. The man that was once Ichabod’s friend and mentor used him as a sacrificial lamb in the field of battle. I mean, I understand why the general did what he did, because it brought about the end of the war. That and Ichabod was able to awaken in the 21st century and carry on his role as Witness. READ MORE...

Sleepy Hollow Recap: Saving Malcolm Dreyfus

To a swift victory, Team Bumblebee!   ...Read More... //

Sleepy Hollow: Ichabod Goes on Trial and Henry is the Judge?

We all have memories that remain in our minds. Try as we might to forget these memories, they will still linger. On tonight’s episode of Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod faces his memories head on as he stands trial for Abbie’s death. John Noble returns as Henry Parish/Jeremy Crane. The hour began right where the last episode left off. The Venom-esque goo attacks Ichabod and then transforms into a spider web, wrapping itself around Ichabod. The latter is then transported to a cave in Maryland where he is held captive by a spider demon. This reminds me of the story about the Monkey King where there were also spider demons, but they might not be connected. Henry (or Jeremy, whichever works), interrogated his father for not properly grieving Abbie’s death. Ichabod argued that he has done so, but Henry doesn’t seem to buy it. He managed to make his father feel guilty enough to use the noose towards the end of the episode. I know that shows don’t kill off their main characters for no reason, but I was gasping as I watched Ichabod put the noose around his neck. On a side note, if Ichabod knew that Henry is actually the spider-demon, why is he still speaking to him as if it were his son back from the dead? #PlayingItCool? READ MORE...

Sleepy Hollow Recap: Trials and Tribulations

The People vs. Ichabod Crane is another meh episode. ...Read More... //

Sleepy Hollow Recap: Crane on Trial and a Good Point It Raises

A giant spider demon disguised asIchabods dead son puts Crane on trial in this weeksSleepy Hollow. And if you think theres anything metaphorical about that sentence, welcome! Youre clearly new to the show. The People vs. Ichabod Crane provides the Fox drama with an opportunity to bring back fan favorite John Noble as Ichabod and [] //

Sleepy Hollow Recap: Heads Will Roll

A humble suggestion: Sleepy Hollow should rebuild around Crane, Jenny, and Jake. ...Read More... //

Sleepy Hollow Recap: Head-Scratcher

Need to catch up? Check out our post on the previousSleepy Hollow. Ive got to give it to Sleepy Hollows Diana: Despite all of the revelations heaped upon her this episode, she really keeps her head. What, on the occasion of the Headless Horsemans return, you thought I wouldnt make a noggin pun? In this [] //

Sleepy Hollow: Witch Lie Detectors and Next Witness Revealed

Sleepy Hollow has had its ups and downs since the first season. The show is still predictable (to an extent), but tonight’s episode, however, is not so much predictable but confirms a few lingering suspicions. The hour begins with Ichabod standing in the Archives. Everything is dark and stormy (the beginning of every mystery/suspense story) with the thunder and the lightning. Ichabod then sees a blur run past his peripheral vision and thinks it’s Abbie. He then sees a little girl (Molly) standing in front of him and then finds himself back in Jenny’s trailer. I chuckled when Ichabod gave Jenny the bag of frozen peas for her wrist and put the bag of frozen chicken wings on his head. It’s nice to see the show retain its humor in this fourth season. That and have Agent Thomas "inherit" some of Abbie’s "culinary skills." The woman can’t cook to save her life. I also can’t imagine Ichabod as a sports fan, but I do give him credit for trying to cover up the fact that he’s looking for the next Witness when Agent Thomas caught him talking to Jenny on the phone. READ MORE...