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Well Worth the Wait- Disciple

I'm a devoted Smallville fan, so last week when they decided to delay the show another week due to the Haiti telethon, I was a bit disappointed. Not disappointed because of the great cause they replaced it with, but because I would have to wait a whole entire week for my favorite show to finally return to air. Well Last night it finally did and boy did I enjoy it :). To finally see Lois and Clark as a real and honest to God couple, that was the highlight of the show! Not to downplay the other things that were going on, like the action with the dark archer and Oliver, Mia playing her part as Olivers disciple, Chloe still being the awesome Watchtower and using all of her really cool tech skills to help save the day, and Zod's trickery and constant plea for Clark to share his abilities. Though Clark and Lois's storyline, and Olivers past were major points in the episode, Zod's part was equally intriguing. At first he seems as if he's trying to befriend Clark, with his agenda being getting his soldiers Clark's abilities, but in the end they show that Zod is planning something and there was an emphasis on that symbol that he so benevolently gave Lois. On a side note though when Clark was on that roof and making it clear to Zod that if he goes near Lois again he would destroy them all, that was really cool on Clark's part. My favorite line of the show, Lois: "this is the one, your the one that I want to get it right with, so...good night" Clark:".....night" 'stare'

COMPLETED: Hottest Boys of The CW: Nominate Your Favorite CW Hotties! - Featured

Nominations are now complete. Vote in Round 1: Hottest Boys of The CW, Round 1: Jensen Ackles vs. Chace Crawford With some of our favorite shows on The CW returning this week including One Tree Hill , Vampire Diaries, and Supernatural , we want to know of all those eye-candy-licious boys running around on CW shows, who is the hottest of them all! Of course they have excellent personalities too that you're welcome to factor in your nominations, but when it comes to who you look forward to drooling over every week, we want to know if you feel there's just no other like one of the Winchester boys on Supernatural , Jensen Ackles or Jared Padalecki, or if you swoon only for the likes of Gossip Girl 's Chace Crawford or One Tree Hill 's James Lafferty. Nominate all your favorite dreamy CW boys in the comments below! Nominations will run Monday 1/18 - the afternoon of Wednesday 1/20. The guys with the most nominations will then move on to Round 1 of the CW hottness showdown!

Smallville Cast to Superman TV Show

Wouldn't it be great if the Smallville Cast, once Smallville finished stayed on and it became a Superman TV Show?? I certainly think so. I think if we get enough people, we could make this possible happen. Comments below.

Lexabuti's Christmas Show List - Special

LEXABUTI WISHES YOU ... Christmas time is here and with most of our series taking a vacation with us; we often sit back on the shows gifted for us this year. Even the ones that met their end early, we still think of them. Here is my Christmas show list. My Favorite Series' This Year. 20) Prison Break - Prison Break has been my favorite series from episode 1. I remember looking at this new prison drama on television and just staring at Wentworth Miller for the entire episode. Hence the reason I discovered his real name and background. Sarah Wayne Callies was also a familiar one for me. I remembered her from Tarzan, another reason to look at a shirtless guy, boy was I disappointed when it got canceled, just as disappointed when Prison Break got canceled. For the first few seasons I was eager to locate every episode on DVD and the commentaries was worth the DVD compilation. I remember asking the salesman when Season 3 was coming out and the season had not ended yet. As the years grew on this series, they also made a few mistakes by fabricating Sarah's death and the love connection between Sarah and Michael became washed down, not to mention Michael's relationship with his brother. Still this series made it into my top twenty, so that says something. 19) Cupid - Now Cupid the 'remake' in my opinion did not have a strong start. The series copied every detail, word for word from the previous version, but it picked up later on. Compared to all the other series around, I didn't mind having this one around. I kept hoping for a connection between him and Claire. Probably even a glimpse of his life as a god, or the revelation that his 'cupid' state was a temporary hallucination. Even though it ended soon, I appreciated his attempts to make love happen, along with his smarty remarks. 18) Samantha Who - Comedies can remedy a mellow day, and Samantha Who did the trick. This series was hilarious from the beginning. I remember Christina Applegate from The Sweetest Thing (2002) and I didn't really know how she would have handled a series, but she did successfully. Barry Watson from 7th Heaven also gave me initiative to love the show and appreciate the jokes. It did relate to real life and the mystery to staring over even if you had a horrible past. The only reason it did not make it to my top ten, is solely because it ended to soon and left too many unresolved issues behind. 17) The Unusuals- So what happened to the Unsusuals, it just disappeared without being given a decent chance or any sense of getting noticed. Amber Tamblyn from Joan of Arcadia pointed me in this series' direction, although I didn't ever peg her for a hard boil cop. I still liked the series. 16) Make It or Break It - Well the long break from this series has made it fall back into 'My Top 20' as opposed to being in 'My Top 10', but it still made it. The one thing I loved about this series is its unique appeal to telling a story. The difficulty in athletics could be improved, but the show made me love to really dislike some characters and also root for others that fall behind. Let's hope it keeps up the spirit after Christmas. 15) Robin Hood - There are few BBC shows I actually grow attached to and Robin Hood was one. I remember Googling 'Robin Hood' and discovering that this series existed all the way into the second season. So I borrowed the DVD from a friend and became instantly hooked. Not only did Jonas Armstrong have a strong main character appeal, but you literally could not take your eyes off of him for one second. I am certain he had the ladies falling for him on and off screen. Non-the-less I really admired this series and was saddened by it cancellation. There is no telling where the show would have gone without Armstrong. 14) The Listener - I can't remember how I started watching this one, but I knew I liked it. It was a different touch. I always like series that tell a different story, plus there must be the love chemistry dipped in between, but it still did the trick and I was happy to discover its renewal for a second season. I would love to know how the story is unraveled. 13) Kath and Kim - Now a lot of people that I knew didn't really take to this show. Some said that it couldn't compare to the Australian version, while others couldn't stand the idiotic acting placed by Selma Blair and Molly Shannon (in their opinion of course), but If you ignore all those facts, this show was really funny. I mean sure Kim was spoiled rotten, but the nonsense was easily eaten up and she actually reminded me of someone I knew, an exact replica. 12) Parks and Recreation - I actually learnt about this show recently by Sidereel's Kendra and Rachel. I especially thank Kendra for pointing me in this shows' direction. At first I thought it was following into 'The Office' footsteps and I said 'Oh no, you can't act like them and come off funny the same way. On the other hand, it turned out to be the opposite. This series is completely different from 'The Office' it is more for the outdoors and carries its own humor with it. 11) Burn Notice - USA usually brings out a certain type of series, I remember loving Walker Texas Ranger and now Burn Notice comes along. Burn Notice is not only clever, but the cast is incredible. I instantly became familiar with Sam, being a fan of Xena myself and that added an extra bonus to me loving this series and Michael's smile. Although I found this series became a bit repetitive with Michael's mother constantly making appearances, sometimes she comes out of nowhere without a valid storyline to back it up. Why would Michael risk being around his mother while danger follows him around like a magnet? Shouldn't he fake his death and try to get away from her? Anyway, his enemies already know his weakness, what would be the point. That does nothing to keep me from loving this series, especially since getting a taste Season 3. 10) The Office - Without saying, I love this series for its approach to telling a story. The fact that Michael is able to get away with half the things he says is evidence of a brilliant series. I did however think that last season the jokes were a bit edgy, but this season is picking up, hopefully next year it would be in 'My top 5'. 9) In Plain Sight - Brilliant season opener, brilliant season finally, I want more. 8) 10 Things I Hate About You - This series is so funny and that Patrick well, when he first spoke I was like 'what, that voice did not just come out from there', and that was where the magic started. I really do not compare the series to the actual movie, because the series alone it something that stands on its own. 7) 24 - Nonstop drama and action and Jack Bauer. I joined 24 in its Season 4 reign, before I used to think, what kind of show runs in a day via season, but surprisingly I got attached. I instantly began watching the seasons I missed before it and now I am up to par. I thought the Jack and the bio-weapon was a bit of a stretch. Especially since (spoiler) next season he is alive and well and apparently in good condition (end spoiler). Still I loving the excitement and I hope for more Jack and Renee. 6) Bones - I watch a lot of Bones and Booth videos and I just love the chemistry between them. Definitely glad it's in 'My Top 10'. 5) Castle - I didn't think I would like a crime drama so much, usually I just tune in and out, but Castle is just too funny to stay away from. 4) Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles - As you would see in my most missed series and possibly my previous posts; I really love Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles (TSCC). I mean every episode rocked, The one thing I admire most about this series is that it took time to tell the story. It also has a brilliant cast. Even though Lena Headey obviously shows her English accent in real life, she does a brilliant American one, really cool. 3) Private Practice - I instantly left Grey's Anatomy and became hooked on Private Practice (if you were wondering why Grey's wasn't mentioned here). Season 3 is far more developed and established than Season 1, but that doesn't mean I didn't love Season 1 the same. 2) The Mentalist - Every episode so far has been consistent. I admired Robin Tunney ever since she left Prison Break and she has joined yet another incredible series. Cleverly plotted and witty. I especially admire how they take the time to develop Van Pelt and Rigsby as opposed to rushing in their love story. Very few series bear this kind of quality. 1) Smallville - Last but not least 'Smallville'. For me Smallville claimed the number one position solely because my admiration for Lois and Clark and my Passion for what they represent, being a fan of all 'Superman' creations. I not only await the next episode, but anticipate the series' development. Favorite New Series Cougar Town - You can thank Courtney Cox for me loving this series because she is hilarious. I was on board whether or not it was going to be a hit, but I am glad it was a hit. The guy who played Noah in Private Practice is more attractive here than he was before, even though I might not completely adore his character. Still this is one to see if you haven't already. Accidentally on Purpose - Come on really, I thought this was going to be horrible, and then I laughed my ass off for the first episode. At times, in between, there would be the lazy episode, but overall I wonder how far this one would go. The Good Wife -Brilliant writing, acting, cleverly plotted and created, what else - a must see. V - This one is popular, so I am sure there are many that loved it before the first episode aired, solely because it's something different and as of now, a story that hasn't been told before. Community - A very dirty kind of comedy where you would find friendships in unexpected places and a kind heart in the most worthless person known. Most of all even the end of the series is entertaining. White Collar - Okay I loved the first episode, but at times it kind of drifted so I am not sure about this one, but I just find the main character to be so attractive, so I am still interested. Glee - If anyone got a hold of my previous discussion post with respect to Glee, I have my issues with the Terri - Will - Emma triangle, but putting that aside I love the talent portrayed on the show. Mercedes gave a wonderful impression for the finale as well as Rachel and I look forward to more of their performances. Most Disappointed Canceled Series Men In Trees - Oh It felt like just the other day I had an excuse to watch James Tupper in action. The finale did not give the series the justice it needed. Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles - How could they! Completely unexpected. Cupid - It was just all of a sudden, some didn't really see it coming, but it got the axe. Robin Hood - Apparently this show it nothing without Jonas Armstrong. Anyway, I really didn't like his relationship with Kate, maybe it's for the best. Kath and Kim - A person needs more laughter in their life, not sadness. Xena The Warrior Princess - It's been Years I know, but I still miss this one. Most Disappointed Series This Year NCIS Los Angeles - Really, the acting really sucks, I keep hoping for it to get better, but I stopped watching it weeks ago. Message me if it gets better. Dollhouse - Well its being canceled, from the beginning I warned that Dollhouse needed to tie up some loose ends if it wanted to survive the push and pull of television and fans, they didn't want to listen. Gossip Girl - Okay although I believe that there is a possibility for this show to claim another Season, I wouldn't be so surprised if it didn't. What are the writers doing here? I have read better fan fiction that this, come on Gossip Girl, your audience members are actually smart enough to know better, feed us what we want. The New Adventures of Old Christine - Okay, I was going to put this one in my top twenty, but then I thought how much this season is beginning to disappoint me. It had a strong start and then it got lost somewhere. Prison Break - I loved Season 1 and 2, surprisingly Season 3, but they sort of ruin Michael and Sarah for me. Season 4 went sour for me. It sad when a good series takes this plunge. My Christmas Wish-list The Renewal of Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles. There have been rumors, but I want an official word. The series was consistent from episode one and didn't deserve to be axed. For Gossip Girl to either Move Up or Move out. Most of all, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and thank those who came on board my blog, you are greatly appreciated. Also a Merry Christmas to those who commented and debated with me, I guess I wouldn't have anyone to share my online thoughts with if it weren't for you guys. Lexa wishes Everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Disciple Doesn't Air December 4

It would be nice if Disiple's air date was changed because it doesn't air untill January 22, 2010. Both promo trailers say that at the end of the video.

wheres lana

why isnt lana in episode"pandora".she should be leading the resistance. she has enough kryptonite to like kill all the kandorians.

i do not understand this

girls who came from the future with lois to kill clerk has powers under the yellow sun and red sun. How could this be possible according to the story?

Zod's two partner's in crime

I was wonderering, while i've been watching season 9 of Smallville, which is excellant and all I could have imagined to happen so far, if the two lieutenants were the same ones from the film Superman 2. Because he lets that girl talk to him anyway. let me know what you thnk. thanks

Red Sun gives em powers???

great episode and loving the season so far but... have i missed the explanation as to why the Kandorians have powers under the red sun and not the yellow?? and how exactly did zod know that making the sun red would give him powers when he had none under his own red sun??? also the superchick that travels back in time with Lois seems to have her super speed even tho the red sun had set??? and (from memory of a previous episode) didnt she have powers when she faced off with Clark in the present under the yellow sun?? One last thing :) ... surely futrue Clark or Chloe would call miss Super Kryptonite charged Lana Lang to help fight off the Kandorians wouldn't they????

Smallville Countdown Speculations - Featured

I don't think I've been more excited counting down the days until Smallville airs the next episode. I noticed a few changes in Smallville lately and not only have the writers succeeded in giving Lois and Clark their real love story, but everything else is equally memorizing. I focus solely on Clois in my reviews and sometimes I hardly find the room to squeeze in some of the other story lines that have been exceptional this season. Tess, Clark and Zod Tess has this commitment to saving the world, but she also comes off as a villain. The one thing that sets her aside from the villainess is her heart connections. Even though she secluded herself from Oliver, she still holds a piece of their relationship close to her and I believe if Oliver was in trouble she would spend one second out of her obsession to save to world to do it. She could easily sway over to the other side, but I'm glad she could still be trusted slightly. Her connection with Zod, I believe is to get inside his head, if she did form an alliance with him it would be to get the better hand. I also fear that Tess would want to conquer the world if she does save it. She risks a lot having two things against her; her femininity and her human heart. I've noticed her ability to cling on to fighting skills as her armor and she sometimes uses her femininity to her advantage and she has managed to close her heart off to anyone that was once close to her. She shows compassion or desire towards Clark because of his superhero complex and she would not be any match for him if they got in a battle. In 'Kandor' Clark admitted to being the blur and he intimidated her into giving up his father's location. Clark is not afraid of Tess, she has been hinting it to him that she knew since last season, it only took a confession from Clark to remove any little doubt she had. Clark believes that Tess could be harmless for the moment, she has proven that she wanted to help him and if she wanted to reveal his identity she would have sabotaged him a long time ago. Tess wants to prove to Zod that she is capable of being as strong as steel and she cannot be intimidated easily. I think the Kandorian Tess eliminated was a message to Zod to back off, and consider a partnership between them. Zod sees humans as peasants and working with Tess is like an insult to 'his kind', but Tess comes off to be more than human and I believe he is somewhat intrigued by her strength, but I don't think he trusts her, they both manipulate each other to get on top of things. The one thing I feared most in Kandor was Clark's identity being revealed by Zod, because now he has the upper hand, like he has an explosive in his hands he could let off at any time. Chloe, Clark and Lois' Dreams In all of the Superman, Lois and Clark themed shows I know, Chloe hasn't been so popular with screen time. In Lois' Dreams I've noticed that Chloe lays flat on the ground, eyes opened and it presents the idea that she could die in the future, because Lois' dreams give flashes of what to come. Chloe has lost everything in her life, she no longer has any emotional connection. After Jimmy died and she begged Clark to bring him back and he chose not to, I believe Chloe still has a grudge. Even though she and Clark get along good, there are still issues between them. She no longer appreciates privacy and she occasionally showed some serious negative energy towards Clark and Lois bonding. I believe that although she hides it well, she misses Jimmy and she misses the times when Clark depended solely on her. Now Clark is steps closer to revealing his secret to Lois and that's probably bothering her a bit, that was the one thing she and Clark shared together. Without her strong goal to figure things out and use her skills for the betterment of mankind, I really don't know what Chloe would have to do. She has now dedicated her life to protecting others and she could get killed doing it. I don't want Chloe to be knocked out this rounds, I really appreciate the contribution Allison Mack has made to the series especially since she was a cast from day one and still going. I don't think I would ever be okay with Chloe leaving, if the writers had that story line in mind, or Lois' dreams are some sort of trick to deceive us, I hope it is the latter. Chloe needs to find some grounding in her life. What ever happened to the hacker she recruited? He hasn't been mentioned for two straight episodes, so I wonder what use Chloe could have for him since she's been solitary all this time, would she have room for someone else? I still can't believe that Chloe was the one to get Clark to fess up and tell Lois how he felt. Maybe she got tired of hearing him whine about her all the time. She notices the connection between them. Could it be in a selfish way that she knows Lois is one reason Clark pulled away from Kal El 100 and came back to earth and it's the only way Clark would communicate with her? Lois' Dream and Everything Else Surrounding It Lois was obviously not offended or turned off by the dream, which also means that she has probably had the image of them together flashed through her mind before, especially since their almost-kiss in Season 8. The three week lapse in Lois' memory suggests that what ever happened in the future took three weeks to unravel and she came back to somewhat prevent it from happening. Whatever 'it' is, it involves Zod, since his arrival and the ring came about the same time. Lois' dream got more intense after Clark kissed her. Before she just had vague flashes and now after that 'Crossfire' WOW!, she had an entire intimate moment play out in her head. Which explains why the second kiss possibly placed her in a sleeping state. 'Pandora' according to the myth suggest that she opened a box containing the evils of mankind out of share curiosity. The next episode reflects something being opened that should have just stayed dormant. I believe Zod has a lot to do with that. I watched 'Idol' clips over and I noticed Clark's cheek being bruised when he held Lois from behind. I was too busy fixating on their moment that I barely paid any attention to what the scar meant. Now Clark is invincible, any scar leaves within seconds. His 'I wish we had more time' before he held Lois symbolises a sort of escape for them to be together or the last time they would ever be together, since he probably lost his immortality. In 'Crossfire' Tess put forward a solar system she was working on. I tried to figure out why Zod would be interested in becoming CEO of anything, especially since he despised the human race, so why would he want to work for them? Zod is trying to regain his powers. The main source of Clark's powers is the Yellow sun and when they focused on the orange-red sun in Lois's dream I figured that maybe that was responsible for his absence of powers. Zod wants Clark defenseless and he uses his hatred for Jar El to defeat Clark. Finally... This is my speculation of the series so far, it could go either way. I don't know about Oliver and his sidekick or even partner, but I believe that they would show them selves again probably even to help Clark when he's down. This just crossed my mind does Lois know about Clark's secret in the future? What do you think? I absolutely loved the way these writers captured Lois and Clark, I mean really, well done. I just now count down the hours until it airs, is it Friday yet? Lexa