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Which TV Character Will You Miss the Most?

Thank you, friends, for coming. We are gathered here today to mourn and honor the TV characters who have been taken from us too soon this season. There have been many, and there will be many more as we head toward a boatload of cliff-hanger finales. But we want to hear from you: Which TV characters will you miss the most? Did Warrick's CSI goodbye leave you grabbing for Kleenex? Were you heartbroken after Dualla's shocking suicide on Battlestar Galactica ? How did you react to 24 killing off the beloved Bill Buchanan? Source here

Infamous= predictable

I just watched the recent episode and was disappointed because it was clear from the start that someone would turn back time and change everything back to the beginning. I mean, how cheesy was the scene where the old man approached Clark on the street and this little boy asked for his autograph? When I read about this episode I hoped that he would only come up with his identity as Superman but the moment he chose to go public as "Clark Kent the alien from Krypton" you knew that you could basically forget everything that happens because in the end it won't matter anyway. and even though this episode had some really nice clark and lois moments, the point where he just used the Legion ring (ignoring what Lois was telling him!!!) just destroyed it all. I have to admit that even though i really wanted Clark to get that coffee with Lois I think they created a nice sad atmosphere for the very last scene. but after we waited so long for smallville to come back I would have expected more. especially some REAL progress for CLOIS.

Is America Really Too Stupid to Handle an Alien?

There was a Family Guy episode called Lois Kills Stewie which ended with Stewie coming out of a simulator, revealing the entire episode was pretend. Brian then hypothesized that if people were watching those events that didn't really happen, they would be severely pissed off that none of it mattered at all. Obviously I mention this because last night's Smallville didn't really matter at all. Everything that happened after Clark Kent finally came out and revealed his alien secret to everyone was pointless, and Chloe learning that Davis was Doomsday was a complete non-starter. None of it mattered at all. But for the sake of discussion, let's examine what did happen after Clark revealed that he's an alien from another planet with super powers. Are Americans really so idiotic that they would react like they did on this episode of Smallville? Right away he had people swooning over him, offering him free newspapers and plenty of thumbs up. If I met an alien, I think I'd be a bit more skeptical than that. Also, I wouldn't fall out of a building in the hope that he would catch me. While I can understand the desire to be saved by Clark Kent, surely girls wouldn't be chancing death just for the opportunity to meet the brawny Man of Steel. Maybe I'm isolated, but are people truly that moronic? Even worse was the total opposite reaction of others, instantly assuming that he was there to kill everyone. Perhaps we've been programmed by years of sci-fi movies to believe that aliens are inherently evil creatures whose only desire is destruction. But after reading and hearing Clark Kent's story, I doubt I'd gather up my pitchfork and a mob. Yes, people generally fear what they don't know, but fear is no excuse for rage and violence. What truly sent me over the edge in last night's episode of Smallville was the woman at the news conference who blamed Clark for her husband dying in a crane accident. Please tell me Americans aren't so absolutely idiotic that they would blame people for not being everywhere at once. Clark doesn't have ESP and he doesn't know when a crane is going to fall, yet this woman thinks that it's his fault that her husband died? I know this is just a fictional TV show on the CW, but watching that made me feel the same way that I do when I watch FOX News - I want to reach into the TV and yell at the people for making such idiotic comments and passing them off as intelligent, thoughtful debate. So my overall conclusion is that if any of the reactions to Clark Kent's secret on Smallville were even remotely indicative of how real Americans would react to similar situation in the real world, then I implore any secret aliens reading this to stay hidden. Much like with gay marriage in California, the people would clearly be too stupid to react responsible to you. Source here

Infamous, best episode yet?

This episode had everything, its by far one of the best episodes Smallville has created and I loved it, anyone else think this was one of the best we've seen?

Thursdays suck

Nothing good on smallville and supernatural both off until next week!!!!!!!!!!

Lois full season?

Now that season 9 is 100% she should be every episode not like s8 who agrees? Yes, She's been in the shadows for far too long!!!!!!!!

It's OK to Kill??

Smallville raised a fairly interesting moral question last night: is it ever OK to kill someone? Oliver Queen wanted to kill Lex, but Clark was determined to stop him because killing is wrong, no matter how evil the person is. Eventually Lex was killed (we all know he's still alive), leading Oliver and Chloe to have a conversation about whether it's morally justified to murder a monster like Lex Luthor. It's a morally gray area, and one every comic book hero has to face. Murder is wrong, but evil men like Lex Luthor are never going to change and are irredeemable. A hero's duty is to protect the citizens, but does that include killing one to save the rest? On this issue for Smallville, I would tend to agree with Oliver Queen. Lex has proven time and time again that his primary goal is to control the world, possibly by using Clark's abilities or simply by getting rid of him. There is no hope for him, and as Clark was told, Lex isn't the same high school kid Clark met back in season 1. What leads me to this conclusion is that Clark seemed to agree with Oliver. After Lana disabled the Krypto-bomb, Clark went after Lex and it looked like he finally came around to the same conclusion Oliver did. Lana stopped him, and Oliver beat him to the punch, but aside from those factors, it looked as if Clark was finally ready to end it himself. This moral ambiguity adds a lot to the show, and it seems to be the newest trend for The CW 's Thursday nights. While both Smallville and Supernatural are typically about the good guys defeating the bad guys, this season both Clark Kent and Sam Winchester are facing tough decisions. Clark has had to choose between killing the Brainiac-possessed Chloe and now whether to kill Lex. Meanwhile, Sam is debating whether to kill a little girl named Lilith who is possessed by an evil demon. Now that Lex is allegedly dead, Clark may think his decision is over, but we know that Lex will keep coming back, so Clark's days of living in the gray area are far from over. Source here

Is it taking to long for Clark to gain his full potential?

I love Smallville! But as a regular, I'm getting tired of the same old Clark Kent. The show has evolved to the point that Clark is hardly necessary anymore. Get him up to speed with the rest of the cast and move on with the second best show on T.V. (#1 Two and a Half Men).


Tonights show was just awsome, by far the best episode Smallville ever in my opinion. Instead of doing the predictable thing and killing off Lana they added a great twist with her and clark never being able to be close again. Great writing tonight. The person they got to play Lex was such a dead ringer for Michael Rosenbaum it was scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anywho

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