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smallville is not the same without lex!!! the relationship between clark and lex was the best, it was what made the show interesting cuz ou always feel sorry for lex no matter what evil he does!!! also the show is sooo much better without Lana Lang!!! BRING BACK LEX LUTHOR!!!!!!!!


The question is does Clark love Lois back. I mean he's always there for her, and he seemed to get jealous when she had the date with the "reporter" But when she said she loved him in "committed" he seemed a tad uncomfortable with it. What does everyone else think?

what is going on?

why when a try to watch the movie a survey pops up and it won't let me watch the show? what is the problem? pls help, how can i get ride of it?

whats happening???

is kara coming back??? Clark isnt taking any interest in trying to bring her back. I bet Lex will come back and manipulate Davis into destroying the world!!!


Where is lex? What happened to him? i want him to come back. Even though the next episode is going to be very exciting.

clark flying

When did Clark learn how to fly? i dont remember him flying in the 7th season? and why all of the sudden did he choose to follow his destiny? there was no revelations in previous episodes, is there something i missed? o n one more thing, i noe i have a lot of questions, are they throwing away the story plot from the previous seasons because they have different writers or producers or something? becuz they never refer to Kara or Lana or Even Lex. the whole feel of the new season is different.

Wheres Cara??

Where the hell is Cara cause she hasnt been in any of these new episodes and i thought she came back from the phantom zone. Like did I miss something has she gone on vacation or something like it feels like they just put her in the show now shes gone, I hope she comes back soon


Is it just me or is Smallville getting edgier with every new episode?

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season 8 episode 1

where the heck is episode 1 season 8 gone. i jus clicked it and it was like, "sorry the episode was deleted. which moron deleted it.