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TV Tonight: What's On Friday 2/26 - Featured

As we head into our last weekend of the Olympics, make sure to catch your favorite events, plus don't miss your regular Friday favs like Smallville ! Check out all that's new tonight: 7:30/6:30c Batman: The Brave and the Bold on Cartoon Network 8/7c XXI Olympic Winter Games on NBC Smallville on The CW The NAACP Image Awards on Fox Wizards of Waverly Place on Disney Channel 8:30/7:30c Big Time Rush on Nickelodeon NOW on PBS on PBS 9/8c Caprica on Syfy Bill Moyers' Journal on PBS The Ricky Gervais Show on HBO 9:30/8:30c The Life & Times of Tim on HBO 10/9c Spartacus: Blood and Sand on Starz 11/10c Comedy Central Presents Owen Benjamin on Comedy Central 11:30/10:30c Comedy Central Presents Pete Holmes on Comedy Central What will you be watching?

Smallville: Preview of Episode 9.14 "Conspiracy"

The Kandorians are in danger on Smallville tonight, which obviously means it's up to Clark (Tom Welling) to save the day. Oh, and Zod too. On the episode "Conspiracy", JR Bourne takes his turn as a guest star and portrays the doctor Bernard Chisholm. He has died once in the past, but was brought back to life by the Kandorians for their experiments. Now that he's escaped, it's time for a simple case of revenge. Chisholm kidnaps several Kandorians to prove that aliens have invaded planet Earth, and he tries to get publicity for what he's done. He attempts to convince Lois (Erica Durance) to write a story about it but she refuses. Solution: he kidnaps her as well. Zod takes notice of the missing Kandorians and decides to help them at once. He poses as a reporter from the Daily Planet to get into Chisholm's lair. He succeeds, but later finds out that it's a suicide mission. As he uncovers the secrets of the lab, he gets shot with only Clark as his only hope of survival. As our hero enters the scene, he battles his scorn for the enemy in an effort to save the Kandorians. All the while, he has to keep Zod (Callum Blue) alive. The trailer for the new Smallville episode can be found below, and it's a total scream to watch. Source & Preview

Smallville Season 9 Episode 14 "Conspiracy" Preview - Featured

Watch a sneak peek of SMALLVILLE "Conspiracy" Season 9 Episode 14 which airs on Friday February 26 at 8 p.m. on The CW. Episode Synopsis: Bernard Chisholm (guest star JR Bourne), a doctor who died and was brought back to life by the Kandorians so they can experiment on him, escapes and kidnaps some Kandorians in order to prove aliens have invaded Earth. Bernard tries to get Lois (Erica Durance) to write a story validating his claim, but when Lois refuses, he kidnaps her too. In an effort to save his people, Zod (Callum Blue) poses as a reporter from the Daily Planet and uncovers Bernard's secret lab. Clark (Tom Welling) arrives at the lab just in time to see Zod get shot. Turi Meyer directed the episode written by Al Septian & Turi Meyer Source & Preview

Photos - Smallville 9.14 "Conspiracy"

A new episode of Smallville will be airing on February 26 and then the show will go on hiatus until April 2. The CW has released some promo photos and a synopsis for the February 26 episode, which you can view below. ZOD IS SHOT. To Read More Click Here .

Smallville Sneak Peek: "Conspiracy" Season 9, Episode 14

This Friday marks the final new episode of Smallville until April 2. How will the show leave viewers hanging? With an installment titled "Conspiracy" that features a resurrected doctor. Determined to prove aliens have invaded the planet, this crazed doc will kidnap a bunch of Zod's people, along with Lois, in order to expose his truth. Watch the following, official CW preview for the episode now: To Read More Click Here .