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SYTYCD: Just How Far Will Evan Go? - Featured

We need to talk about last night's So You Think You Can Dance and we need to talk about Evan (and I suppose Katie Holmes as well...) Spoilers Included Last night was the Big 100th episode, which gave us a few non standard components to the results show, including revisiting old performances (which, beyond the group number "Ramalama", I might have chosen differently...) and the very-much-hyped-but-nobody-really-cared-about performance by Katie Holmes, "one of the biggest stars of the silver screen" (good one, Cat Deeley, you crack me up!). Since Holmes was doing the whole thing for charity, I don't think it's fully necessary to pan her performance, but yeah, it was...unmemorable (and prerecorded at that). If you like pain (just kidding), you can watch the Holmes performance over on E!Online . Now onto the results! Disappointments on both fronts. On the female end, much as I love 'em...I think it was time for either Kayla or Melissa to go. Jeanine and Janette are/were the 2 best females, so for Janette to be in the bottom and to now be...gone...was an injustice. Perhaps things were best said by Nigel: "Janette, you were my favorite, too. I really wanted you to win this year...It's ruined this 100th celebration for me, to be honest. I think you're absolutely fantastic, and I'm really sorry to lose you. I think America got it wrong." Then on the male end, Jason was really starting to grow on me, so while I don't think he was going to win, I was kind of sad to see him go. But...what irks me most of all is Evan's magical ability to escape the bottom 2 every single week . Evan is a talented and likable guy, but objectively, he is not as good as some of the other top guys. The judges know it - and hint at it frequently - yet Evan seems to have some sort of magical powers, presumably with young female voters - that makes him impervious to the Bottom on a weekly basis. What did you all think of this week's SYTYCD results? Are you too getting annoyed about Evan, or are you the people that are happily voting for him each week?

I would like to know where I can watch my show online, too.

This website is very confusing or misleading!!!

SYTYCD: Are You Happy with the Top 10? - Featured

We haven't discussed So You Think You Can Dance all that much here on SideReel this summer. So...I may have neglected to mention until this point that it is far and wide my favorite summer show ! I therefore hope that all of you Reelers will want to join in on the discussion with me! Last night marked the halfway point, as the Top 10 were decided and beginning next week, voting will be both entirely in the hands of viewers and for individual dancers, not couples. Partnerships will also change weekly. And now for the results... Top 5 Guys are: Brandon, Ade (and how awesome was his solo last night), Evan, Kupono, Jason Top 5 Girls are: Janette, Melissa, Randi, Kayla, Jeanine Narrowly missing out, but given the consolation tour slots were Phillip and Caitlin. Tough to see them go, but I think it was the right decision. So...do you think the right 10 made the cut? Anyone been cut that you think deserves to be in there more? Who will be the first to go next week (Randi, Kupono, I'm looking at one of you...)?