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Sons of Anarchy Greatest Hits

To celebrate the return of Sons of Anarchy in just one month, I countdown why the cast are the most hard-hitting on television. Needless to say, SPOILERS follow. I know the FX can hold back at times. In levels of violence etc. it can easily be topped by the gore-fest that is True Blood, The Sopranos, Oz...pretty much anything on HBO, or Showtime's Dexter. But when it comes to wild actions, the Sons sure keep up. But they are bikers, they are expected to. Here is my top 10 Sons of Anarchy moments. Most of them are brutal, some are courageous, some are displays of camaraderie or some just plain awful. 10) Piney leads the rescue of Tig Who would have expected Piney of all people the tray of his truck through a motel? Not me. But it was easily one of the more memorable moments as Chibs, Jax, Happy and the Prospect pulled Tig back on board. 9) Jax and Tara finish Kohn As far as creeps go, he was pretty much the biggest one. Relief was just one of the feelings that washed over me when Tara stopped her attacker and Jax finished him off. (8) Agent Stahl frames Gemma When Stahl framed Gemma for the murder of Edmond, it was pretty clever. Admit it. I hate her as much as you all do, but come on. I know we aren't supposed to support the bad guys (yes...the outlaw bikers are the good guys in this story) but it was as good as it gets. 7) Gemma reveals her rape Most of us can't even imagine how difficult it would have been for Gemma to tell her two men what happens, but she does and she does it at a crucial time to keep the club together. It's still an atrocity that Katey Sagal wasn't Emmy nominated for this performance. It was one of the most powerful moments in the entire series. 6) Jax trashes the Mayans bikes It takes a lot of guts to do what Jax did, when he pushes down a row of Mayans bikes out in Indian Hills. He is then followed in a high speed chase back to the Devils Tribe Clubhouse where one of the more memorable shootouts is played out. 5) Tara becomes an Old Lady The moment when Tara finally becomes an Old Lady is one of the most memorable of the series. You know the one I mean? Where she throws a few hits and threatens her boss’ kids. It doesn't get much more outlaw biker than that. 4) Biker justice is delivered on an ex-member I'm sure you know the one I'm speaking of. You probably won't be forgetting it anytime soon. When the gang finds out an ex-member (who did them a pretty bad deal) is still wearing his full-size Sons of Anarchy back tattoo with pride, he is given one choice: Knife or Flame? Suffice to say he picks flame, and the tattoo is soon removed. 3) Gemma beats down Cherry When Gemma realized Clay's women had started coming into her clubhouse, it set her off. Her motto was that she knew he did it; she just didn't want to see them. So that was when unsuspecting Cherry got a face full of skateboard. From that moment on, I knew Gemma wasn't a woman to be messed with. See the final two of the countdown here. So did I get it right? Can you think of any better ones?

Fantastic Villainess....

Kudos to Ally Walker for one of the best female villains since Lady Macbeth! The end of series 2 was slightly rushed, but left plenty of room for movement in season 3. I also think special mentions to Dayton Callie as Chief Unser for the role of his life. Really strong cast. The only one that slightly bothers me is Clay, played by Ron Perleman. With the best will in the world, he's just too old. Even if he just had arthritis in one or two fingers there's no way he's able to charge around on a motor bike (vibrations would drain the circulation apart from anything else) and throwing punches as he does let alone handling guns with any speed or dexterity. No matter how tough he is, he's just too old. I love the supporting cast in this; there's not one I could pick out as being a weak link. SO SAD they killed off Prospect Half-Sack though. He was a great character - he represented us, the viewers, a bit green but keen to see what happens next. Have to say though, don't think the Doc would have gone quite to bits like that at the end, (Docs can compartmentalise better than most of us) but I realise it was just for the drama. Brilliant drama. Loving it.

viewing it?

How the he double toothpicks does one view these episodes without being charged? I did the whole sign up thing because I read view for free. Every where I click says watch for $1.99. What's up?


I was wondering the same thing she looks wrecked...big difference from season 1. I wonder what it is but her face looks half paralyzed:)


I was wondering the same thing she looks wrecked...big difference from season 1. I wonder what it is but her face looks half paralyzed:)

Ally Walker AKA Agt June Stahl

Does anyone know if it's just me or does Stahl look like she got some real bad plastic surgery this season.....are they just making her face look screwed up because Otto beat the living hell out of it or did she mess up and screw up her face herself while they were on hiatus? Her nose definitely is thinner and weirdly angled now and her lips are a mess!

Where is 2.11?

Well I stayed up all night waiting for episode 11. It's 8:30am now, and still no soa.. x( /cry I just noticed someone elses post saying that links are being blocked for some reason. SERIOUSLY?!!!! Whats up with that?

Did episode 11 air?

Does anybody know if soa aired last night? Can't find it anywhere.

where is it?

where is my show...you people are supposed to give me free t.v!!

what takes so long

Why does sons of anarchy take so long to post on the sites compared to other shows???