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Ally Walker AKA Agt June Stahl

Does anyone know if it's just me or does Stahl look like she got some real bad plastic surgery this season.....are they just making her face look screwed up because Otto beat the living hell out of it or did she mess up and screw up her face herself while they were on hiatus? Her nose definitely is thinner and weirdly angled now and her lips are a mess!

Where is 2.11?

Well I stayed up all night waiting for episode 11. It's 8:30am now, and still no soa.. x( /cry I just noticed someone elses post saying that links are being blocked for some reason. SERIOUSLY?!!!! Whats up with that?

Did episode 11 air?

Does anybody know if soa aired last night? Can't find it anywhere.

where is it?

where is my show...you people are supposed to give me free t.v!!

what takes so long

Why does sons of anarchy take so long to post on the sites compared to other shows???

Ep. 4

No episode 4 tonight?