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After a successful pilot broadcast in January 2010 and hundreds of positive viewer comments, PBS has approved SOUND TRACKS for development as a six-part series! Imagine a new primetime PBS series that explores the world, combining journalistic curiosity with the adventure of travel and the soul-satisfying, hip-shaking pleasures of great music. Beautifully filmed and wrapped up in compelling stories told by four savvy reporters. That's what we intend to bring you in SOUND TRACKS: Music Without Borders. We can't wait to bring you a world of exciting music, surprising destinations and unforgettable stories from the US and around the world. If enough of you agree that SOUND TRACKS is the kind of series you'd like to have on PBS, you can look forward — starting next year — to a world of exciting music, surprising destinations and unforgettable stories. As the Beatles used to say, "All aboard for the mystery tour. Step right up." Host Marco Werman (of public radio's The World on PRI) heads our crew of international correspondents —Alexis Bloom, Arun Rath and Mirissa Neff — who will take viewers on journeys of discovery from the bayous of Louisiana to the backstreets of Havana, from the nightclubs of Paris to desert music festivals in Mali. They'll interview everyone from Rock 'n Roll Hall of Famers to Bollywood singers, violin virtuosos to bluegrass musicians. Each episode of SOUND TRACKS will feature three well-crafted stories followed by a "Global Hit" musical performance. Our pilot episode takes you to Russia, Nigeria and Kazakhstan (with a Hollywood sidetrip) and concludes with a soulful song by the Portuguese diva, Mariza, who may be the biggest star you've never heard of. As we develop our future stories, let us know what artists, places and music you'd like to see us cover.

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