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The Holy Prophet of Islam

the title of the discussion I want to have with the readers is due to the respect I have for muslims. I myself am atheist so let's make things clear. Having a muslim background it didn't bother me to see Mohammed along side Jesus, Moses, Krishna, Buddha and John Smith, in the contrary I thought it was just great. My point is that Comedy Central should have authorized sp to show the same image of Mohammed, as they did in the super best friends episode, in the two cartoon wars episodes and the last two episodes of the 14th season 200 and 201. Because why should one religion have superiority over another? Buddha wasn't meant to be imaged either! You can't say that it's ok to offend one religion but not another! Islam, just like it's prophet, should be treated at the same level as any other religion. The Freedom of expression is the most important western value of all the liberties we cherish. Censorship is nothing more than fright. So what if a couple of muslims get pissed off, they should just deal with it like the mormons, catholics, buddhists and scientologists, or atheists, let's not forget that the very militant atheist and evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins was ridiculed by sp. And that does not change my personnal opinion. So what do you think, Mohammed should have been shown or not?

Excessive Bleeping, 201

What is up with all the bleeping? were trey and matt trying to make a point, or did the comedy network not allow it? are they still censoring muhammad/?

ep 3+4 rock

after episode 1 and 2 that were not really good SP is back on the road of victory.The Kfc and Facebook Eps really made me laugh again.

SideReel: This Week in TV - 3.14.2010

Check out this week's all new episode of "This Week in TV" with Kendra and Rachel. 3 Exciting Segments this week: What We're Most Excited For on TV TV We Are Not At All Excited For Good News/Bad News/Good & Bad News Give it a watch and tell us what you think! This Week in TV - 3.14.2010 You can find these videos from week to week on the TV tab. Tell us what you are most and least excited for on TV here!

Chipotle - Take it or Leave it?

My boyfriend and I ate at Chipotle for the first time a couple of weeks ago. It was okay, nothing special, and we decided we wouldn't be rushing back anytime soon. Although I've scoured the internet I've yet to find an actual connection between the fast-food chain and digestive problems. I had originally assumed there was some news story in the States that was being mocked that I was unaware of (being Canadian). Has anyone heard of any actual connection between Chipotle and health issues, or was South Park just mocking the pretentious fast-food chain? I was even further discouraged from returning to Chipotle after watching "Dead Celebrities". Is this episode going to discourage you from going back to Chipotle?

South Park Episodes be Banned?

Hey Guys, I was just wondering, Do YOU think South Park Episodes will ever be banned? Future Episodes and even Aired ones, I mean I know theyve been aired, But banned from re-airing.


Oh man. This episode was absolutely glorious. It was so beautifully done i was in a state of constant arousal during the entire episode! I loved it. I can't even choose one thing to say about it, because it was all so good. so damned good.. god i wish i had a cigarette.

What the hell was that?

That was by far the worst South Park episode ever. The queef one was bad, but this was far worse. The writers of this show have gotten incredibly lazy with some of these last episodes, making entire episodes on such stupid stuff. Where's the substance? Where's the political commentary?

eat pray queef

ewwww! gross! writers really stepped over the line on THIS episode!

southpark 1303

southpark is back at it's best