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Who is Mysterio?

who was it?


Why is South Park seemingly always on Hiatus?? Can anyone answer this for me??

Breast Cancer Show Ever....ROFL!!!! *spoiler*

cracked up, great episode (as usual), these guys have aged well lol cartman pooping on the desk....AWESOME

Episode 9

It's Wednesday, and no buzz about the new episode airing today? No episode description? What the hell is going on

Did Not See it Coming: South Park is Truly Genius

OMG that was one of the best episodes of SP I've ever seen. I didn't see the "rape" coming at all; figured it was Cartman that got bent. But wow! Anyone else think the animation is better this season?

What happened to South Park...?

Did they just stop making south Park all of a sudden? Because there's only 7 episodes in the latest series. Or are there more eisodes in the series and Sidereel just couldn't get a'hold of them?

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Release Order and Actual Order

I recently saw some of the episodes linked do not match up with the episode title and description, and I looked into a bit of detail and it turns out that some of the older episodes have a release order (the order they were released in) and like an actual order (the order they appear on DVD), so should we use the release order or the actual order for the episodes?

Favorite Episode?

I'm just curious, which episode is your favorite? For me, it's Imaginationland (all 3 of them). Simply amazing.

I Swear this show keeps getting better

"Major Boobage" was the funniest episode of this season and quite possibly of the series. It's true that South Park has the same format time and time again, but the material is fresh and always hilarious!