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Southland “Legacy” Season 4 Episode 5

Southland  "Legacy" Season 4 Episode 5  airs Tuesday, February 14 at 10/9c on TNT. Episode Synopsis:  John tries to save a suicidal teen in a situation that hits extremely close to home. Sammy convinces a former addict to be an informant, with devastating consequences. Tang (special guest star Lucy Liu) gets a visit from someone in her past. And Lydia and Ruben (guest star Dorian Missick) investigate a supposed home invasion that appears to have been staged to cover up murder. Read More... //  

Southland “Identity” Season 4 Episode 4

Southland  "Identity" Season 4 Episode 4  airs Tuesday, February at 10/9c on TNT. Episode Synopsis:  Tang (special guest star  Lucy Liu ) tries to help a homeless vet get an ID so he will be admitted to the homeless shelter. The situation opens John’s eyes to his partner’s past. Sammy is determined to save a dog after he accidentally shoots it in the leg. Lydia and Ruben (guest star Dorian Missick) investigate the murder of a man who lent a helping hand to women in need. And Ben and Lydia each face big life changes. Read More... //  

Southland “Community” Season 4 Episode 3

Southland  " Community " Season 4 Episode 3  airs Tuesday, January 31 at 10/9c on TNT. Episode Synopsis:  It’s Hood Day on the streets of  Los Angeles, and Captain Rucker (guest star  Carl Lumbly) has the department playing hall monitors. Sammy lets old grudges die hard when he leaves a gang territory unattended, only to have a violent gang war erupt throughout the city. Ben’s recent mistake continues to haunt him publicly everywhere he goes. Ruben (guest star Dorian Missick) practices his speech for his daughter’s quinceañera in the midst of a murder investigation. Cooper and Tang investigate a robbery in a strict Orthodox Jewish home, leading Tang to reveal parts of her past. Read More... //  

Southland “Underwater” Season 4 Episode 2

Southland  "Underwater" Season 4 Episode  2 airs Tuesday, January 24 at 10/9c on TNT. Episode Synopsis:  Tang and Cooper’s past physical  problems are put to the test when they are attacked by a perp on the street. Lydia and Ruben (guest star Dorian Missick) investigate a convenience store murder, and Lydia uses her typical compassionate charm to collect facts on her suspect from an unassuming grandmother (guest star Marla Gibbs). Ben and Sammy ride with another officer who is prone to small mistakes. And Joel Rucker (guest star Carl Lumbly) takes over as the new captain. Read More... //  

Southland: Breaking Down the New Partnerships

The fourth season premiere (Tuesday, 10/9c, TNT) picks up six months later, and the partnership deck has definitely been reshuffled. Officer John Cooper ( Michael Cudlitz ), fresh off of back surgery and a rehab stint for painkiller addiction, is now partnered with Jessica Tang (guest star  Lucy Liu ), a seasoned cop with her own checkered past and emotional baggage. As first teased in the Season 3 epilogue, Sammy Bryant ( Shawn Hatosy ) and Ben Sherman ( Ben McKenzie ) remain partnered, and Detective Lydia Adams ( Regina King ) is training rookie Ruben Robinson ( Dorian Missick ), an ex-Marine turned homicide investigator. Read More... //

Southland: Michael Cudlitz Talks Up Season Four

I had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Michael Cudlitz of Southland  earlier this month via telephone in a lengthy interview. While I could juice it up and add my own quips and analyze his thoughts, I thought he did an incredible job of that himself. Below is part one of a two part interview. The second part will be published after the show airs so that you can get some insight into Southland's  premiere episode, and hear Michael tackle different topics such as ratings, social media and what other projects he has coming up. Read More... //

Southland “Wednesday” Season 4 Premiere With Lucy Liu

Southland  "Wednesday" Season 4  Episode 1 airs TTuesday, January 17 at 10/9c on TNT. Episode Synopsis:  In the Season Four premiere, Officer John Cooper returns to duty after recovering from back surgery and meets his new partner, Officer Jessica Tang (special guest star  Lucy Liu), a tough and disciplined cop with her own set of baggage from working the streets. Lydia, whose new partner is Ruben Robinson (guest star Dorian Missick), can’t seem to escape helping a former CI who won’t stay in safety. Ben, Sammy and Dewey  chase  an armed man into an elementary school, while Ben bumps heads with an intense street cop (guest star Lou Diamond  Phillips) whose cynical attitude is affecting their work. Read More... //  

Southland's Roxana Brusso Joins Fox's Touch

Southland star Roxana Brusso has joined the cast of Fox's new drama Touch , Entertainment Weekly reports. Brusso, who portrayed Detective Alicia Fernandez, will play...  //

Marla Gibbs to Guest-Star on Southland

It's a 227 reunion! Marla Gibbs will guest-star in an upcoming episode of procedural drama Southland , alongside 227 co-star Regina King . (Now, where's Jackee ?) //

TNT Starts Production on Fourth Season of 'Southland'

Cast and Crew of  Southland  Hit the Streets of L.A. as Production Begins on Fourth Season of Acclaimed TNT Drama Series The cast and crew of  Southland  are back on the streets of Los Angeles this week as production begins on a fourth season of the acclaimed TNT drama series. The intensely personal, first-person look at cops and detectives on the beat stars  Michael Cudlitz, Shawn Hatosy, Regina King  and  Ben McKenzie , who will be joined this season by special guest star Lucy Liu. TNT’s  Southland  is set to launch its new season Tuesday, Jan. 17, at 10 p.m. (ET/PT). Read More... //