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Become benumbed - just like a Roman....

Anyone else notice how, at the start of the series, all the blood and gore was really gross but after a few episodes you don't even bother to look away. Wow! Who knew we'd get that authentic Roman experience!


Were did they get all their creatine en hormones in that time?

The end?

this is one of the best shows iv watched next to lost and thats saying something for me, but i need to know is 'Kill Them All' the final episode of the season and if so when does it next air for season 2?

Spartacus' Armor

Why doesn't Spartacus wear that sweet ass armor that he got after killing Theokoles?

Life of it's own.

I am so glad this show took off running after a somewhat lackluster first episode. I am glad they did not make the arena fights a central aspect of the show, don't get me wrong I like the fight scenes, but if they would have made them the central point of the show it would have gotten old pretty quickly. I like the intrigue even though its a bit transparent at times. But still enough to keep me hooked every Friday night.

Spartacus hits top 10!

Real happy to see this in Sidereels top 10, seemed like no one knew what an excellent show this was, and now it's rolling up to the top 10. Nice :D

Spartacus episode 10 - Party Favors

OMG!!! I cannot believe they killed my favorite character after Spartacus. This is so messed up...I had to watch it again because I couldn't believe what they did. I am so pissed. That woman is going to pay big for doing this to Spartacus

Sartacus Page Locked

Why has Jason locked the Spartacus Blood & Sand Pages - I want to add a link

Keep it coming!!

I just finished watched episode 5. Awesome!! Outstanding!! I love the story line and the cinematography of the cool fight scenes. I don't care what the other viewers say about this series. But, I am definitely a fan of this show. Amazing! I tell ya. What happens next? Will the Gaul live and just be crippled from his injuries. And Spartacus? Will he finally reunite with his only true love? Overall, "Spartacus: Blood and Sand" Keep it coming!! We are all waiting impatiently.

Two Thumbs Up!

Spartacus,I must say is jam packed with action, nudity, and drama. The portaryal of each character reminds me of how dark anyone could possibly be in today's society. The action itself seems to be a mix between 300, a fast paced movie that has a huge reliance on special effects, and Gladiator. Some people may believe that the writers of this show are not on tack, however, I believe that the writers of this show recognizes a real connection to society itslef. I'd hate to say it but if you don't believe that you can connect to this show, you might be out of tune with today's society as the show presents a littel bit of everything while bringing forth interest in many different aspects. ;)