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It was wicked thats all i got to say, i was left speechless at the end but it was sort of sad. Also on another topic of the main viewers of this show i heard alot of gay men watch this show due to the hot guys Is this true??


i love this show and although it may not be the best written show out there as far as visual effects and filming go its second to no show i'v yet to see i know its early in the season but i love what i see and i wish there were more shows like this out there. if any one knows of any films or shows like this pleas let me know. :)

Sparticus S01E02

SMH,SMH,SMH more porn and shitty dialogue and i am only at 6:28mins. these people r tryna kill it 4 me.

shit writing

the dialogue in this show is so bad i cant watch it. seriously, they need to get some new writers for this show. its like a porno with slightly more of a plot and slightly less sex, with some violence thrown in for flavour. the fight scenes are well choreographed but, its still unwatchable for me.

Half-assed job

i thot every1 was over exaggerating about this series being so bad. while i haven't watched d original one, i quite find this version/remake okay to watch as i have nothing to compare to. the graphics on the other hand is a whole other business, its down right poor and a complete let down to the series, it doesn't help any1 take it serious, 4rm the pathetic colisum to the hillside views etc everything was well below par, smh. anotha thing dat gets me is the type of language used in what is supposed to be a different period in history, i don't think they had all these modern day cuss words eg f***, or words like lounging etc. i heard they fix it l8r on, m hoping so with every bone in my body cos i do enjoy this genre of television.