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The end?

this is one of the best shows iv watched next to lost and thats saying something for me, but i need to know is 'Kill Them All' the final episode of the season and if so when does it next air for season 2?

Life of it's own.

I am so glad this show took off running after a somewhat lackluster first episode. I am glad they did not make the arena fights a central aspect of the show, don't get me wrong I like the fight scenes, but if they would have made them the central point of the show it would have gotten old pretty quickly. I like the intrigue even though its a bit transparent at times. But still enough to keep me hooked every Friday night.

Sartacus Page Locked

Why has Jason locked the Spartacus Blood & Sand Pages - I want to add a link


i love this show and although it may not be the best written show out there as far as visual effects and filming go its second to no show i'v yet to see i know its early in the season but i love what i see and i wish there were more shows like this out there. if any one knows of any films or shows like this pleas let me know. :)