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Clone Wars Great Interquel

Despite many negative reviews of this show being just long toy commercials, or the characters being manaquin like and the hard core fans' upset of Anakin of having a padawan....get over it! Lucas is great at coming up with new interesting ideas. I mean... Anakin's padawan, which took me time to get used to, is the new young feisty padawan on board, (which is replaced with someone new in each trilogy). The Clone Wars needed a new hero who is the learner during a three year period. Hopefully her exit to this show will be interesting and give Anakin's mentallity more depth. The Chosen One needed a worthy padawan who is a prodigy herself. The micro-series in 2005 did a good job in giving those who wondered what the wars were like, a good idea of its vastness and threat, but it did lack character development and the missions weren't that long even though they appeared vast and threatening like a world war 2 era. Now, in this show, there is good character development, (though hopefully dialog will be picked up just a bit)...ah the heck, it is for kids. It would be nice to see some more Ashoka jedi training and good lessons from Anakin, but one could argue that there isn't much time for it during the war. The battles look great and the missions have become more personal and realistic, with side stories and group missions during the war. Lucas is taking advantage of the many stories one is able to tell during the war, which is great. Although I would love to see larger scale battles with storyline, to give the feel and idea of the vast threat of the Clone Wars on a large scale. While the characters are out mostly on small group missions, it makes me wonder what else is going on in the universe..like...show me the wars! The closest thing to that was Christophsis,Teth, and the Malevolence trilogy, but I know there will be more....the Ryloth trilogy is going to be great.