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why cut the show the story line just got to the best part ever. Is there a way that we can get them to bring the show back like they did with Eureka. Well i hope there are others out there that feel the same way.

Without being horrible about it.....

Without being horrible about it - if it was hapening to earth in an alternate universe, why did Atlantis have to interfere? Wouldn't that cause anomylys or something?

episode 20

Can anyone tell me what the oblique reference to the Odyssey is about? Is it supposed to refer to it being away fighting the Ori? How many enemies does earth have out there at any one time?

John Sheppard's voice

Is it just me, or has John Sheppard's voice gone really husky and croaky this series? I only noticed it at the beginning of S5, but every time he talks it's really throaty compared to when Atlantis first started. What do you think? It's bugging me a little, I don't know why...

Have they been around this in the series.

The thing that is bugging, and have been bugging me sense SG-1, is the fact that everybody in every galaxy and on every planet they get to is speaking English with little variation in the dialect. I have watched all the movies and every episode of both SG-1 and SGA and i can't remember any time where they explain this, other then that everyone ascends from earth. That is an okay explanation but still then they would be speaking old English and not know all the same words that we use, and are we to believe that everybody was taken from England. It is only in the first movie that this is a problem, with them being from Egypt. What I would like to know is if anyone can remember if they explained this at anytime?

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Unlocking category control

I don't know why by editing episode is locked.This means the current inaccurate info cannot be removed! Episode 12 of season 5 is not Inquisition. Airing dates are also wrong. Either fix it or give the power back so we can

Way of eliminating spam

I know the mods are doing everything they can to eliminate the spam from these people posting discussions about links being released; but dynamic ips and such are allow spammers to just create new accounts and keep doing it. Maybe sidereel could impose requirements before certain actions are allowed. If an account had to be in existence for a month and have a minimum of 15 links visited (or something along those lines) before any discussions could be created or links deleted then this will surely make it more difficult for the spammers to progressively dismantle this site. It seems that many of the links which they are posting, stargate atlantis S5E11 for example, have had many of their links deleted, probably in an attempt to draw more people into their spam. This needs to stop.

I think i may be the only one upset by this BUT..... (may have spoilers)

OK - I love Stargate - have since the movie. the Series was GREAT - wish they wouldn't have cancelled SG-1 but hey not my call. Stargate Atlantis fast became my favorite over the last 4 and a half seasons. i just leaned to it more - don't really know why. More soo when Ronan joined the group - for many reasons. at the top - is he can kick some serious butt. hes not bad on the eyes either. And when they started to make him interact more with the group - not just be the KICK BUTT man - i was VERY happy. when we started to find out more about him and his history -- i was all over it. then when they made it possible for him to FINALEY have some connection - romantically - i was in heaven. I even like the fact it was a kinda of triangle - and that he just didn't automatically GET the girl. that he may have to work for her, and have him open up even more with that. soo when i saw this late epp -- I was with it up until Keller - (and I like her character )- even being nice about it - shoots Ronan down. Side note - I have read on some other boards that some think of Ronan as a kind of cave man -- big on muscle and small on brains. that too kinda is upsetting but that's just me. I think putting Keller with McKay is the obvious choice and it already been DONE. while it can have some great moments - it can never have the SUPRIESE that it could have had if she did go for Ronan. Like I said - it may just be me that is upset by it. soo that's my 2 cents -- for what its worth.

Lost the Plot?

Who thinks that Stargate Atlantis is lacking a storyline since the 5th season? its just been random episodes that could of fitted anywhere. If they are going to cancel it, shouldn't there be a big story line to finish it off? Like take out the wraith once in for all, or a siege? Its been blah blah, Rodney sick, then next episode nobody even mentions it and its finding one of Michael's bases filled with zombies