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Hulu 6 e1

this episode is also available in hulu plz add the link

when will Stargate SG-1 Will come out Season 11?

I like this show very much and, can any one tell me when will they come out with Season 11? thanks


when is the episodes coming??? i waited over a year..(i think) but they don't have any episodes!! whats happening?

about stargate universe

I have some questions for do ? someone can tell me when start filming stargate universe ? and if in the future will be here to watch it episodes from the season ? thanks ..

Have they been around this in the series.

The thing that is bugging, and have been bugging me sense SG-1, is the fact that everybody in every galaxy and on every planet they get to is speaking English with little variation in the dialect. I have watched all the movies and every episode of both SG-1 and SGA and i can't remember any time where they explain this, other then that everyone ascends from earth. That is an okay explanation but still then they would be speaking old English and not know all the same words that we use, and are we to believe that everybody was taken from England. It is only in the first movie that this is a problem, with them being from Egypt. What I would like to know is if anyone can remember if they explained this at anytime?


Does any know in which episode of sg1 they find atlantis?

Stargate Universe

Just letting you guys know that next year stargate universe comes out. They go through the 9th Chevron to a galaxy created by the ancients and consequently get trapped. Should be good? though apparently its directed at a younger audience?


Those Amazon Unbox things are a rip off. You have to pay to watch them. I liked the todou.com ones better.

Stargate SG-1

Stargate Sg-1 is the best tv show in the whole dang world.