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Pick up the pase

From bad to worse! Oh my gosh what is going on here. Is it just me or is this putting everyone else to sleep too??? This whole Lucian Alliance thing is so boring. Can the script writers not think of any better storylines? I think this series is going down like a flame and does not compare to the other series of Stargates! Bring on the aliens, other stargate foreign visitors, new crew members, more information about the ship and show us new interesting planets, weapons, and technology!!!!!! Come on guys pick up the pace


Here in Germany i'm used to watch the german version of US-Shows a loooooooooooooong time after they air in the US but today I couldn't believe what I saw: Tonight at prime-time a free-tv (!!)-channel airs SGU-episodes "Incursion" part 1 AND 2 - Even before you guys (and girls?) in America are able to watch the season finale... something is wrong here, isn't there? It's a pity that the translation is rather bad and that I can't stand the german synchronous-voices, so i won't watch it. I rather wait till its online here.


Any word on the future of SGU? I haven't seen it on any lists.

Invent the TV QUICKLY!

There's so much bonking going on on this ship that they'd better invent the TV quickly or there will be a baby boom in nine months time... I find it wierd (unless it's only supposed to be about a fortnight since they left earth) that there is so little cohesion between the soldiers and the scientists. I'm also getting completely cheesed off at the constant forays to earth using the stones. That's a plot cop-out if ever I saw one.

Strong and silent = boring

Will whoever is writing for Col Everett PLEASE PLEASE give him a bit of character development? So far we've got the dull, stolid soldier and the bullying, homicidal maniac. Frankly that's not enough. He is boring, unattractive and would not be missed. I can't see this impending baby lightening his character one iota. Poor kid, having him as dad. I don't feel it is actor Justin Louis fault either - I feel in my gut the man has been given little or nothing to work with. Maybe i'm wrong - maybe he's 'methodising' the 'being lost in space' bit - but hey, that's a plot we've seen done loads of times, and loads better too. So, c'mon. Some character and plot development here please. I KNOW this series could do better. It won't break Destiny to smile and be nice from time to time.

So now we know...

Remember the end of episode 3? The thingy that flew away from Destiny? Well for me it looks like it was a shuttle of our new blue foes. I think they were already on the ship when our earthlings came through the stargate. Then they watched them a little bit and left. Maybe that's why they 'speak' english. What are your thoughts?

Too Little WAY to late?

For those of you following these discussions.. you know that I've been critical of SGU after about show 4. Way too much soap opera and way too little action/adventure/scifi. Then comes along show 10. The first 3/4 is absolutely soap opera crap, the last 1/4 is more true SG. I suggest fast forward to the last 1/4. I feel it's too late for me to hang onto the SGU series. Are you going to hang on or move on? For those of you who felt was the only SG worthy character was Rush....what do you think now. Were you cheated?

SGU writers : watch Supernatural

A show that’s based on character development is nothing new. And personally I think it was a good angle. But I feel the the writers of SGU went about the wrong way. I think that the should should take some pointers from Eric Kripke from Supernatural. I’m sure some of you are wondering: Supernatural? Well it’s simple. I believe that character development doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice action. And I think Supernatural is a fine example of how one should balance character growth and action. We’ve seen Sam and Dean start off as a player/soldier and his smart sensitive bro and watched them them changed into a sensitive/ hurt man and his semi evil/confused bro. And it was an amazing ride. One filled with drama, suspense, love, action and comedy. Proof it can be done. So my advice for the writers of SGU. If you do get a second season please , please get your act together. We know the Destiny is falling apart, we know their not suppose to there. People are complex and you've proven your point. Now give us the action we need so you can justify the drama.

WTF happened in the end?

How can they just jump the cliffhanger in Time, to a new episode completely disconnected to the last one?

Slow down, speed up, learn about characters.

Does nobody who comes to this site understand about characters evolution/plots? The thing that made SGA better than SG-1 is character evolution. Firstly they are building up every character even the ones who don't get much screen time. I personally love the pacing its not to slow (for a character driven tv), not to fast for those that need some action. REMEMBER this isn't a normal SG it is going to be about the people. People are complex, have a myriad of things going on with them. I think this is the first SG to have mostly believable characters. If you think Rush is just a jerk then your not really looking hard enough. If you think the angry Marine guy is just that your mistaken. If you think that James is really going to care about Scott getting with Chloe you really don't understand the idea of FWB or NSA (though she might we haven't seen her really since they did it [except once or twice when Chloe is was around and she did give Chloe the stink eye]). I assume those of you who think that when Chloe and Scott got together it didn't makes sense other than hot guy (debatable) and hot girl (debatable), then you have never had loss before. The scene right after Chloe lost her father was key. He was there when she needed him to be; even though I wish they had done Eli instead (us cute dorks [male and female] need loving too). As for the few things people have complained about that I agree with. Yes the stones make terrible plot holes of well why don't you just have ____ come and fix the problem. Its true. But there is one thing about the stones we do know. They can only be used for a short period of time. The reason the ones on SG1 in the ep when Vala and Jackson were trapped in the bodies is because they didn't have the base for the other side and they need the base to be fully used. Yes they somehow shave...This is fantasy do we really need to see most characters take a shit no but we know it happends; this is off screen stuff. Up to "Life" the eps have been sequential in days, so once one ep is done the next is about to start. I personally would rather have a show that really delt with characters in real fashion then one that goes hey Sam fix this ship...DONE problem solved. Rant done.