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'Supernatural' needs to focus on its core demons instead of monsters of the week

Season 5 of "Supernatural" is widely accepted as the best cohesive season the show has ever done. That's largely because it keeps focus on the over arcing story of the apocalypse. For the most part each episode serves a larger purpose, building to the final showdown with Lucifer and determining the fate of the planet.That season elevated the show to a new storytelling level. In the years since, "Supernatural" has continued to be at its strongest when it is telling a bigger story. Monsters of the week episodes are great fun and call back the nostalgia of earlier seasons, but the show has grown beyond that now.Season 10 started out strong with the premise of Dean being a demon and Sam having to decide how far he was willing to go to get his brother back. Castiel was set up to find a humane way to restore his grace and even Crowley was beginning... //feedproxy.google.com/~r/Zap2it/~3/EYGqMPszy-k/supernatural_season_10_stick_to_story_mark_of_cain-2014-12

'Supernatural': Who is the Mother of the Alphas?

Supernatural answered a lot of major questions about season 6. We know Crowley brought Sam and Samuel back to Earth to help him collect Alphas to find the location of Purgatory and we know that Crowley has Sam's soul. But there's still one big question: Where did the Alphas come from? Which of my theories sounds the best, or am I completely off-base? Who do you think the Alpha Mother is, or was the Alpha Vampire just messing with the Winchesters? To Read More  Click here.

'Supernatural' Theory: What Happened to Sam's Soul?

Supernatural finally revealed what happened to Sam on "You Can't Handle the Truth," or to be more specific, on the previews for the next episode. While fans could've easily guessed what was wrong, the previews for the next episode overtly stated it. Sam has no soul. I don't mean to blow my own Horn of Truth, but I predicted this three weeks ago after Balthazar revealed the importance and value of souls. Hoping to go double or nothing on my Supernatural prediction powers, I now have a fairly comprehensive theory that explains what happened to Sam's soul, who brought Sam and Samuel back, and what the purpose of the Alphas is. The short version of my theory is that God brought Sam back and currently has his soul. First, despite much talk, we still haven't seen God, unless you count Chuck's disappearance act at the end of season 5 as proof that he was God. It seems like a big oversight and a loose end Supernatural will eventually tie up. To Read More Click Here.

Supernatural: Dealing with the Devil

The CW announced their line-up for Fall 2010. I was lucky enough to be one of the people filling the dark Hollywood nightclub when they announced that Sam and Dean Winchester are coming back to battle urban legends for another season of Supernatural . I can't tell you what the not really a crystal ball says without spoiling but I can say they won't just be back on the air, but they will be literally raising hell! Hustling them out of town in their muscle car, the brothers take on what many don't believe, but never taking themselves too seriously. It's no surprise that The CW would keep the kids from Kansas around considering the other networks are only catching on to the heat and generated by, well, all things and beings supernatural! Of course he won't stay in hell... or at least you won't know until you tune back in. Everybody loves a scary movie, everybody knows the legends and the thrill they still bring up your spine in a dark room on a late night...BWAH! Sam and Dean may have their demons like the rest of us- but isn't it nice to know that they're out there, just in case something really does lurk...


Sam cant be dead then he would of just stayed in hell.. but how did he get out? He cant be human because the light started flickering so is he a demon? or angel? because remember wen his eyes went black at the end of season 4, because of all the demon blood he drank? or did god turn him into an angel WHAT THE FUK! SUPERNATURAL CANT BE OVER


It has already been stated that god in the supernatural universe can die, So do you think the ultimate hunter could take him down?



Season finale?

Anyone know how many episodes are left, I know there can't be many :( ?

Tying in Mythology

In Hammer of the Gods, did anyone else pick up on how well the writers tied in the end of the world myth of Odin? He states that we all know, when the world is ending, the Giant Serpent encircles the world, and he is eaten by a Big Wolf. Well it just so happens that Lucifer is represented as both a Serpent and as a Wolf in Sheep's clothing. Lucifer has risen up and is circling the earth and he has destroyed Odin. It definitely fits. anyway, I just really liked the tie-in there.

Do not end this show

To everyone that has been a part of this show supernatural my boy friend has really enjoyed it from day one. He is a big fan and he told me about the show and i started whiching it now i told him that the show is ending and he is not happy about it. really wish that the show would not end, keep it going now he is thinking that now what is going to take the place nothing.