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Supernatural Summary Changed! :)

I hope everyone is satisified with my editing of the Supernatural Summary at the bottom, as the editor before me stopped at Season 3. As a long time fan of the show, I figured it would be good to clue other people who may stop by as to what's currently going on in Season 5 rather than being 2 seasons behind. God, I can't wait for the 100th episode it's going to be quite the landmark event!

What happened at the end...

I was kind of confused at the point where Dean leans in and kisses Lisa near the end of the episode, since it lasted quite a bit...it gave me the impression that he was whispering something in her ear.

Jacob vs. Lucifer

I found it interesting that Mark Pellegrino's character, Jacob, was referred to as being the Devil.... because in Supernatural he plays Lucifer, the Devil. The characters seem almost identical in disposition and personality. Both believe that they are the true rulers, have someone like a brother who wishes to kill them, and are fighting for the loyalty of the regular human population. So, now the question: does this hint that Jacob may indeed be of a more devious nature as his nameless enemy would have us believe?


Do you know which episode the brothers escape from a jail and from the fbi not ( jus in bello)

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seasone 5 episode 15

does someone have this episode???


I want to put to vote what is the BEST! Episode of Season 5 so far of Supernatural, Me I would have to say it's a toss up between The Song Remains the Same and Swap Meat, While Swap Meat was so funny seeing Jared in that diner uniform but the depth they got to in The Song Remains the Same with telling Mary who they where Poor Sam being able to meet his Mom.

Supernatural 5.13 "The Song Remains the Same" Review: Aaaaand, they're back. - Featured

What an awesome episode! Keep 'em coming, plz. Supernatural has been getting better and better for the past couple of seasons, but then had a disappointing return from this winter's hiatus. "Sam, Interrupted" was a waste of time. "Swap Meat" was a little better, but still not up to the show's current standards. The weakest two episodes in years, in my opinion. But with "The Song Remains the Same" Supernatural is back with a vengeance. So much awesomeness. I don't need to tell you, you've seen it yourself. I do have a couple of minor complaints, like Anna's ridiculously feeble "fighting". She had John, Mary *and* Sam right within reach, and instead of killing them (as is her mission) just threw them around and apologised. And then moved reeeeally slowly, so they'd have time to pick themselves up and get away, heh. I don't believe this is necessarily the case, but the way it played out, you'd think she was sabotaging her own efforts on purpose. However, with the epic awesomeness of the episode as a whole in mind, these little issues are easily forgiven. The ep raises some questions though, and two stand out in my mind. One: Just how divided *are* the angels? They're all pulling in different directions, no two of them in agreement on what to do or how to do it. Heaven seems like a shoddy organisation, if you ask me. Is anyone in charge up there? And two: What's the deal with free will? Angels are lying bastards, but if they're right and free will is just an illusion, then what does that say about God? He's not only absent, but an evil puppet master who created everything for his own entertainment, and is now sitting back with beer and popcorn and enjoying the show? It *would* explain a lot, I guess. I hope Kripke knows how to wrap up the religious mythology, because if he pulls a Battlestar Galactica on us, I'll be- well, maybe not as pissed as I was when BSG did it, because BSG was all about the mythology, and Supernatural has a lot more going for it than that, but I'll be a little miffed. What do you think?

Thx for the answers here are the numbers

OK back on Jan 22 I asked what in your opinion was the 5 shows that just get better every week and several of you answered well here is the numbers. With 9 Votes, Bones, was number one With 8 votes, Supernatural, was number 2 With 5 votes, The Mentalist and Castle, tied for number 3 With 4 votes, Chuck and The Fringe, tied for number 4 We had several with 3 votes, N.C.I.S., The Big Bang Theory , The good wife, californication, vampire diaries, and House With 2 votes, Mercy, C.S.I.:NY, Human Target, Sanctuary, Dexter, Dollhouse, Private Practice , and Grey's Anatomy. And with just 1 vote each, Numbers, The Forgotten, N.C.I.S: Los Angeles, Criminal Minds, Legend of the Seeker, Leverage, Lie to me, Better off Ted, Breaking Bad, cougar town, heroes, Spartacus, criminal intent, Doctor Who, Community, Make it or Break it, Eastwick, Modern Family, 24, and Psych.

IS Jensen married ???

So it said on here that Jensen was finally getting married i didnt even know he had a girl Does anybody know if this is really true or not. Plus I heared they might only do one more season if so how can we vote to stop that from happening.