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Just love it, just when you think, theres not that many more storie lines that can be totaly differant, they go an hit us with anotherone!!Season 5 Episode 7 "The Curious Case Of Dean Winchester" which airs on Thursday October 29 at 9 p.m Every week is brill, dont get me wrong but every now an then they come out with some really good ones that have not been done b4 an this is one..I was a bit worried at the start of this season, cause i thought you cant get much bigger than lucifar, just being bought back right in front of Dean an Sam, how could they pass this, but how they did it was cool an allthough lucifar has been bought back, i think they have done very well with the stories inbetween, cause they have done all most everything, so how they gonna escape the devil, an what posible storey lines would they use inbetween, that would keep us all entertained an not seem silly under the curcumstanses.Love how this season has panned out so far, how the storie has mannaged to keep going allthough lucifar has been bought back, like the symbol they now have so angels nor demons can see them, nice touch cause in my opinion they would not have stood a chance,love the episode about the boy, again leaves more loose endings. The inbetween stories when there are not on there main mission have been cool, just like this one, it looks really good an another to keep us on edge of our seats im sure! Bobby could die! we are getting to the end? Just love it all, but i think this one is it, dont think they can go past angels an demons/heaven an hell, Devil an maby God? The end of the world..I think this serise could blow us all away an as much as i love it, i think it should be left at the end of this serise, as i said, it really don't go beyond whats happening now an what they will have to do to try an save the world an what might happen inbetween! Considering how far an deep the stoire writers have gone with this show,( yellow eyed demon, family ties,the colt, Sam an demon blood, selling there souls, dean coming back from hell)list go's on i think they have done a brill job in not making it look silly an all the brill ideas they are using to keep it going, cause @ the end of season 6 when we see sam an dean loosing the battle an lusifar rises right in front of them,I thought were could they posibely take it from there? but this season so far has been brill an they have done a good job, writing these stories an i look forward to seeing The Curious Case Of Dean Winchester" which airs on Thursday October 29 at 9 p.m, another inbetween episode that looks brill an a direction they have not took b4, like ghosts,shape shifters, an those things that change reality etc..Im am just left to say SUPERNATURAL ROCKS.BURN OUT PLZ DONT FADE AWAY! THIS HAS BEEN ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS I HAVE EVER SEEN AN WOULD HATE TO SEE IT GET RUINED BY TRYING TO KEEP IT GOING AN IF IT DONT WORK, IT WILL JUST FADE AWAY, SUPERNATURAL SHOULD END ON THIS SERIES AN GO WITH A BANG! Would love to know what others think about this?

Where are all the episodes?

Hey, Does anyone know why there are no new episodes for Supernatural and Vampire Diaries this week. On Monday there isn't an episode for How I Met Your Mother, on Tuesday the episode for 90210 and Melrose Place is not airing either. And to top it all off Glee doesn't seem to be airing. If someone could explain to me why they aren't airing that would be cool. Thanks

Predictions for the rest of the season, is this the end of Supernatural?

Right, to be honest this is my first discussion on any board online, the past few days I have begun commenting on other peoples and putting a few of my ideas out there but so far that is all. Over the years I have read many different people's theories and views on Supernatural and where it is headed. The thing that I have loved so much is that everyone puts their predictions out there, but they are never one-hundred percent sure that any of it will come true. That right there, is what makes Supernatural and the writers/team Kripke so much better than most other shows out there, they continually twist things from what you believe will happen and shock you with something else. So anyway, onto my predictions for the rest of the season. Is this the end? Is Sam and Dean's journey reaching its finale? Any chance of a sixth season? A movie? A Castiel spin-off? First of all I'm going to go with the latter as being a no, purely as I have just thrown that out there for a laugh. But the other questions, the end? Kripke always planned for there to be five seasons to wrap up the story entirely, this is no secret. I personally think he should stick to this original plan. Don't get me wrong I love the show, but I also used to love Smallville and One Tree Hill but, because of the ratings keeping the show going longer than originally planned they have become shells of what they once were. I would hate to see Supernatural end up like this. As great as it would be to see more of this fabulous show the team should quit while on a high and have the show go out with a bang. I guess that kind of answers the question of Sam and Dean's journey reaching its climax. However, it doesn't completely answer the possibilities of a sixth season. As I'm sure many of you are aware there are talks of Supernatural revolving around different hunters and starting afresh. Alas, I feel there is every chance this would merely come out as a rehash of what the show once was. There is a chance it may be fantastic, but are they willing to take that chance? Origin stories maybe? There are sets of comic book out set around John Winchester and his early hunting days. Could they make a series out of these I wonder (having not had a chance to get them as comic book stores are scarce where I live I don't know for a fact how good they are). But this is a possible angle, but one I fear would also be weak as we already know where the Winchester story is heading. Bobby origins? We have been given hints into Bobby's past but have not been given the whole story, is this something we are going to see later on this series? Or a possible spin-off? Finally a movie? I have been thinking, as I'm well aware many other fans have, about the possibility of a movie, to finish it all? Not for theatres (I'm from England so I would have to watch some seriously crap copy or wait an absurdly long time) but instead a made for T.V. movie, like an extra long finale? That would make more sense to me. Kind of like The Final Break with PB except make it relevant to the plot rather than a brand new tale. Prediction time. I'm going to start with expressing the mixed feelings that have been shared by fans about episode 5 Fallen Idols. I have seen a lot of hate aimed at this episode, mostly due to Paris Hilton. She gave me what I wanted to see from her, a grizzly death and I enjoyed as much as I enjoyed her going down on that massive pole in that film. You know the one I'm talking about. And speaking of House of Wax, I loved the joke by Dean and Sam's face. People also didn't like it as they didn't see the relevance to the apocalypse. I think what the writers have done is written the storyline to an episode that could have easily been placed in the first season when Sam and Dean didn't have the apocalypse hanging over their heads. Then they put in the whole apocalypse theme into the background and it truly reflected the rift between the brothers and that, no matter how hard they try to be like the good old days, they won't be able to, too much has happened. Basically, in my opinion, they threw in a light hearted episode to truly reflect the fact they the brothers Winchester will never be the same but they are going to have to try in order to stop what they BOTH unknowingly started. I hate to keep coming back to her appearance as well but I feel that Paris played a bigger part than we could possibly have imagined. Now in her monologue she says about how people worship celebrities nowadays and when you think about it, it give's reason for God's desertion. As Lucifer has said, God created man and told the angels to love men more than Him, Lucifer disobeyed was cast down to hell and so the story of "Good" vs. "Evil" began. Then there are the Ten Commandments with a specific one being to do with idolising false gods, i.e. celebrities in this day and age. So God sees man idolising all these celebs and decides that He has had enough and leaves heaven, cue all the events that lead to the apocalypse. Now God saves Castiel, Dean and Sam but is making it difficult for them to find Him because He doesn't want the world to be destroyed but He doesn't want man to go unpunished. This could be completely wrong as I'm not a religious man so I don't know all the in's and out's of the Bible just the basic stuff. I have also read a theory on here that Sam is already possessed by Lucifer and is luring Dean into a false sense of security and gaining the upper hand. This is an interesting theory. But I think we have all come to expect bigger things from Kripke and the team over the years to know that when Lucifer finally "wear's Sam to the prom" (which we all know deep down will happen) there will be some big twists that lead up to it. For instance Sam walking in on Dean's phone call the other day, Dean isn't that two faced and so I don't believe he was talking about Sam. However, Sam's paranoia about Dean never trusting him and blaming him for the apocalypse was fed by this and although they seemed to resolve it slightly at the end this could be something Lucifer play's on. I also don't want Sam to be possessed already as we haven't seen nearly enough of Mark Pellegrino yet, he must have had a collective ten minutes of screen (screen time he OWNED) but it's not nearly enough. The showdown? Sam vs. Dean? we all predicted at the end of season 4 that Sammy was Lucifer's meatsuit. We didn't predict that Dean was Archangel Michael's. The season premiere threw us with that revelation mixed with the fact that Lucifer was circling another vessel. No Dean vs. Sam? But it's all been leading up to the big showdown! And then the team said April Fools it is Sammy really and we all knew it was back on track. This does mean that both the lads will have to agree to possession. Or will Dean's stubbornness prevent him from saying yes? Will he try to take on Lucifer as a mere mortal, with the knowledge he learned from his holiday to 2014? Possibly the most troubling question of all, would we be happy with Lucifer winning? Would Kripke do that? Will it even be Sam vs. Dean? It seems I may have opened up more questions than answered. I could be entirely wrong (and knowing the team I probably am). I could just be reading into Paris' monologue a bit too much I don't know, we will just have to see. But please discuss my predictions, poke holes in them, post your own whatever I'm very open for a discussion. Who knows, together we may be able to come up with a plausible list of predictions that turn out to be true. Like a Castiel spin-off.

Supernatural Movie???

I herd from a few people that there MAY be a movie comin out based on the tv series...I was wondering if this was true or false..I think if they DID make a movie it would be GREAT!!!! as long as they kept the characters and plot the same but i think it may be hard to do this but hey who knows...Well if anyone out there can find out if this is true that would be great

Fallen Idol...

Love the reference to House Of Wax.. And Sam's expression.. Good Times xx.. Looking forward to the newer episodes they look like supernatural at its best.. Witty and just plain random

Coming Soon ...

Who else can't wait for the rest of the season?? After the special 'Soon' sneak peek at the end of this week's episode ... it looks like it's going to be a great and funny season ... I actually think it's nice to have some humour in some episodes since we are dealing with dark stuff this season. So ... anyone else can't wait to see what else is in store? Kripke is such a genius!

Timeslot Showdown: What Shows Win Your Thursday Timeslots? - Featured

Fall TV is back, and so is the challenge of how to watch all your beloved shows! It was fun to see what shows win your Monday Timeslots and Wednesday Timeslots so now let's talk the busiest TV night of all: Thursday! Add your comments below telling us what you choose to watch, record, catch later online, or have given up from your Wednesday timeslots! Thursday at 8/7c: FlashForward on ABC Bones on Fox Community / Parks & Recreation on NBC (Community's new time starting this week!) Vampire Diaries on The CW Survivor: Samoa on CBS Thursday at 9/8c: The Office on NBC Grey's Anatomy on ABC Fringe on Fox Supernatural on The CW CSI on CBS Thursday at 10/9c: The Mentalist on CBS Private Practice on ABC The Jay Leno Show on NBC It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia on FX

Missed chances

seeing as how we're nearly at the endgame here, i doubt there's gonna be more small stories where the boys hunt down an evil clown that turns out to be a doll that happened to be made from a witch-doctors tombstone. i was wondering, that being the case, were there any one episode villains, plots, or spooky events that haven't happened yet that you were hoping to get on air before the apocalyptic shit hit the fan? a few of my own: -> "thing that goes bump in night" meats bigger "thing that goes bump" (like a really cocky ghost comes across a daemon by accident) -> Sphinx (or some other riddle based mythical creature) -> temperamental tools (something powerful like the colt, but picky on its user ... like excalibur and arthur, except, you know, modern) -> re-occurring rivals (not ghost facers, but other hunters .... ones that aren't bobby, and don't die and don't become evil) -> a neutral powerhouse (an entity with no preference on how things turn out, but is ridiculously powerful none the less. kinda like the trickster demigod guy, but much less excited about his own awesomeness) -> 'government' hunters (i mean common, thousands of years of civilization and no-one in the history of politics noticed ghosts were real?)

"The End" ... The Future

Hey so is it just more or do more of you feel that the so called future Dean was in definitely wasn't the future? I have reasons why I believe this, but I'd like your opinions too, whichever scenario you believe. 1. Future Dean telling Present Dean to accept Michael and become a vessel was all too Zachariah-ish. It was definitely not something Dean would say, ever. Also, if that was the future, then wouldn't Future Dean have known that Current Dean was going to show up, since at one point he would have been the one zapped into the future to meet his current self? 2. Supernatural story lines have established that while we have free will, as Cas put it "All roads lead to the same destination". If this is the case, then there is no altering the future, just as there was no altering the past in the episode "In the Beginning". With those facts in mind, lets look at "The End". In "The End" Lucifer tells Dean that no matter what he does, they'll always end up right there, just like that, but then that means that Lucifer wins. If we go by the Theory that God's side wins (aka Dean wins) then that cannot be the future as Lucifer, no matter how it plays out will ever win. (And we know Dean has to kill Lucifer because "He who breaks the first seal shall be the one to stop it" from OTHOAP episode). 3. It was much too convenient for Lucifer to talk to Dean that whole time (which was more of a challenge to kill Sam or let Michael in than anything else) and then just leave him unharmed so Zachariah could come back and Zap Dean out of there. It felt to me much too staged. 4. All the Angels left the planet and gave up on the Apocalypse. Why would they do that if they were certain they would win? By showing a planet without Angels, I feel it was easy for Zachariah to justify why the planet was so jacked up. 5. Lucifer was just chillin in a Hot Zone. If all other angels are gone, why wasn't he out recruiting/destroying people that weren't infected by the virus? That's his end game to destroy mankind, but he wasn't doing anything. What do you guys think? Anyone have reasons for believing it was the future?

Dean and Sam beign apart

I know its only been for 1 episode but its really starting to get to me! I was watching some old re-runs the other day from season one and I forgot how much it used to be about just the two brothers on the road together and about family and I miss that now. This whole angel/demon thing is tearing them apart. Don't get me wrong I totally understand why Dean can't forgive Sam. After everything with their Mom and then Jess and then John, picking a demon over his brother was pretty much the worst thing Sam could have done. But still, it doesn't stop them being brothers and needing each other and its not like Sam initially set out to hurt Dean, he thought he was doing good and he hates what he did. Sam is being a bit of a douche giving up hunting I mean come on...honestly he's tried before and failed so why bother? Even when Sam took off the fact that Dean offered him the impala is proof he still loves his brother and the fact that Sam refused the offer proves that he still loves Dean. This season is so complicated already...can't wait for more Rant over :)