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there's also something i wanna bring up, in this world in supernatural; what about heaven? no, thats not quite what i meant, what i mean is there are soul's of damned mortals in hell right? and assuming what ruby said was true, they eventually turn into daemons right? well, what about the blessed souls? i mean, its not like the angles are alone up there, ever good person who ever died is also up there aswell. and given the prejudice of most of the shown angels, im assuming that blessed souls cant 'turn into' angels like the damned can turn into daemons. so why dont the angles, you know, talk to the already dead humans? i bet a few of them have good ideas, i mean, they did make it into heaven. so ... where are they? they're not even mentioned, and you know that the host of people who have gotten into heaven have an opinion on the apocalypse, i mean common, what else is there to think about when your in heaven?

A Theory

Soo... dean is michaels vessel, sam is lucifer's vessel. Michael is the one who that kills lucifer so that means that dean will kill sam (if they give permission for michael and lucifer to use their bodies). John said dean would have to kill sam back in season 2 so...does that mean that john...is...god?! Just a thought...what does everyone else make of it?

Sam leaving

am i d only one who sees Sam's leaving as a bad thing? where is he gonna go, where can he hide, demons can still find him plus there's no big brother watching him to keep him on track, we have seen what happened d last time Dean left. i just think he's gonna be even easier picking 4 d demons, who can catch him n force feed him some demon blood, then he's really gonna do more damage than b4, maybe even tell the demons what Dean really is and their plan to find God, which will lead to d demons wanting Dean dead even more. or the writers could make this away time a way 4 Sam to redeem himself, just a thot, lol. either way, a pwetty good ride of a season.

Good God, Y'all

Anyone else thinks War was defeated too easily? Don't get me wrong, I really liked this episode, it's just that it's War. Other semi-regular demons were harder to kill such as Meg and Alistair. I had imagined the horsemen like above regular demons, they are kinda like Satan's very own Michael, aren't they? I took like 5 minutes between they realizing it was the ring he used to make them hallucinate for them to actually defeat him. I don't know, maybe is just me. I hope defeating death will take more than an episode and a knife. What do you think? ps. Who was that who left with Sam? he kinda looked like Bobby.


Everybody is saying that Dean needs to get off his high horse and forgive Sam for breaking the final seal since he broke the first one. Is everybody forgetting that Dean was being carved up for 30 years.... 30 F@@@@@@G YEARS! Except for his dad, nobody can beat that record. Meanwhile Sam gave in to an addiction and betrayed his family, if anything Dean is stronger than Sam and I will be here all day, all week, all year to kick the a@@@s of anyone who says different. [Edited for profanity; let's keep it clean, folks. TVQ]

Friends Any Comments on Supernatural Seoson 5 Episode 1

i personally enjoyed the latest episode. I missed Deans Comments over the summer. with the devil out HAAA.

this isn't right!

today is the day that the new episode of supernatural will be released and its on my clock 10:23 pm and there are 5 links... but none of them has the episode! 3 are just random commercials about some other TV show, then the fourth is a small fail blog movie and the fifth is the last episode of the fourth season of supernatural! please be more carefull when you place a link please =)...

Why So Stupid?

OK well to tell you the truth i didn't really get this episode so well......she didn't turn the night that she stayed awake so wouldn't logic say that if she slept in the day and was up all night in the lunar cycle that she wouldn't turn o.O at all thus problem fixed with out killing her? really i mean people could say *what about the risk* well she could have stayed traveling with Sam and Dean or she could have just had a friend around the night's she had to stay awake there where multiple way's to make sure she didn't sleep on them night's a few good cups of coffee for god sake's >.


Does anyone know if Ed Zeddmore and Harry Spangler, the very awesome and quirky Ghostfacers/Hell Hounds Lair geeks are going to be in season 5? I know Jo, Ellen, and Jessica will be, among other guest stars, but Ed and Harry were always my favorite, but I can't find out whether or not we'll see them again.

Dean-Four Months Gone

I always had this ringing question ever since the beginning of the 4th season, why is Dean's body the way it is? By that, first off I mean, why isn't he rotting? He was dead for 4 months and yet no deterioration, also how come Castiel's hand print is on his body when he pulled his soul out of hell? Finally, why did Bobby and Sam bury his body? I thought a hunters' death was "salt & burn". John Winchester, Issac(season 3 episode 1), probably many others were sent off that way.