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Why So Stupid?

OK well to tell you the truth i didn't really get this episode so well......she didn't turn the night that she stayed awake so wouldn't logic say that if she slept in the day and was up all night in the lunar cycle that she wouldn't turn o.O at all thus problem fixed with out killing her? really i mean people could say *what about the risk* well she could have stayed traveling with Sam and Dean or she could have just had a friend around the night's she had to stay awake there where multiple way's to make sure she didn't sleep on them night's a few good cups of coffee for god sake's >.

Jo and Ellen

Are Jo and Ellen ever going to guest star Supernatural again? Or did Jo die in the roadhouse fire (season 2 episode 21). I know Ellen didn't and its just been bothering me and I've been wondering if they're making a comeback in season 4 or just off the show forever like almost every girl on the show.=)