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Dean-Four Months Gone

I always had this ringing question ever since the beginning of the 4th season, why is Dean's body the way it is? By that, first off I mean, why isn't he rotting? He was dead for 4 months and yet no deterioration, also how come Castiel's hand print is on his body when he pulled his soul out of hell? Finally, why did Bobby and Sam bury his body? I thought a hunters' death was "salt & burn". John Winchester, Issac(season 3 episode 1), probably many others were sent off that way.

Supernatural, Season 4 Episode 17

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season finale was is as good as you wanted it to be

well if you don't want to find out what happens tonight don't read this. Lucifer is coming and Sam kills Lilith and yes ruby is bad and has been lying all along to Sam Tito.anyway dean was lied to about stopping the Apocalypse cause the two angels actually want it to happen they don't see any other way of stopping it.anyhow the end of the episode you see dean and Sam back together and Lucifer rising and it ends that's it. the only big news is Sam is not Lucifer and he is not bad and Lilith is actually the final seal, and the fact that castiel helps dean try to stop it means that he interfered with a direct order which in turn means he is now on heavens bad graces and an archangel has been sent to kill him. well there you have it till next season adios

The Most Recent Episode

The episode "When The Levee Breaks" drew me to tears. THe last seen where Dean says 'If you walk out that door don't ever think about coming back' drew me to tears. Sammy is so dellusional trading his brother for a demon. In my world the only a person really has is their family and sam just lost his. I hated seeing Dean and Bobby cring while they were tring to clense Sammy. I hated seeing sam in pain like he was. I am still wondering why Cas was ordered to lat sam out of the panic room. I am confused about that one. I hope sam comes home and dean can forgive him. It isn't supernatural without the brothers, where the show is about two brothers who fight evil. I think they might be seperated for a while at the beginning of season 5 but i also believe that towards the end that they would connect again just in time to make the finale. That would be a horrible ending if they didn't come back together. I am wondering if when he saw his mom in the panic room if it was a hallusination or if she really believes that sam is doing the right thing. this episode was difficult to sit through with all of the choices and pain. I have a lot of questions and I hope the brothers will reconnect again.

What do you think the final seal is?

As a little bit of background if you look at the Book of Lilith (not included in most common present-day versions of the bible) Lilith was actually Adam's first wife who God expelled cause she was very arrogant and then afterward was turned into a demon because she was jealous of Adam and Eve and wanted to kill them. Lilith is the first human turned into a demon through her arrogance, hatred, and attempts to kill Adam and Eve so if Sam allows his hate for her and thirst for the demon blood power to take him over and he kills Lilith will he become a demon too? Is this possibly the final seal? (Naturally Lilith would want this cause she would probably rather be dead than exist tortured forever or maybe she will get some type of reward or power for tempting Sam)

is ruby bad news?

i wa thinking because Ruby is turning sam evil and everything does this mean she is really bad? i mean she new how to fix the colt, she had her knife. her blood turns sam really powerful and she got allowed back out of hell. maybe she has some kind of secret mission, she has been backing sam since yellow eyes was killed,(was she even part of his plan?) does she want to turn sam evil so he can be incharge, or does she want Sam to get lilith out of the way for her? either way, i think shes going to die, or next season won't work. Any ideAs?

The Third Brother Issue

I understand the "Jumping the Shark" references throughout the episode and that was ridiculous to introduce this 3rd brother, but I was actually bummed out when we find out he was dead from the get go. Not because I was dying to see where that story line was going, but because everyone in the Winchester world dies or is about to be killed off. I thought it would be a nice idea to just have one Winchester boy out there, living a normal life for the rest of them. Almost like that Sam and Dean will have somewhere to go and someone waiting for them when all of this is finished. Like the light at the end of the tunnel type deal. I get that scenario would be considered corny for a lot of people, but I've gotten into this show and I feel bad for the characters on a regular basis. What does everyone else think? Side Note: I really feel bad for the 3rd bro b/c he was killed off like anyone else when he should have had the tools to defend himself. Yeah John was trying to do right by him and give him a normal life, but he knew what was out there. How couldn't he have at least trained him up a little bit, just enough to defend himself. There are lots of ways this could have been done without the kid even realizing he was being trained as a demon hunter, but it wasn't done....Does this sound like the over protective, super creative and resourceful John Winchester we know?

It's a Terrible Life

I was watching "It's a Terrible Life" snickering like an idiot at all the non-Dean things Dean was doing as well as Sam and Dean's fascination with the supernatural. One of the best parts was the cameo of the Ghostfacers! Anyway, as everybody knows, Winchester, the boys' last name, is also the name of the ever-popular rifle that is coined as "The Gun that Won the West". Why is this relevant? Well, as I was enthralled by the opening scene of business-Dean I noticed his last name was Smith. At first glance, Smith doesn't seem like an exciting last name; however, one must take into account business-Sam's name in this episode: Wesson. I am not stranger with various firearm type and brands, so after watching this episode recently I noticed the irony in the two names. If you do not understand, don't worry. Most others probably won't either. Well, to enlighten you, Smith & Wesson is the most popular type of handgun in the United States. Personally, I thought it was particularly funny because the two "strangers" teamed up to fight ghosts in some type of big business building. The team of Smith and Wesson, two seemingly normal, everyday people, going off against the spirit of workaholic business man eventually discovering that they are better off hunting ghosts rather than working in cubicles or worrying about carbs. This episode may not have been the best one of the season, but it did shed some light on how the boys were destined to hunt the paranormal and save the world from hell on earth.

seeing double

hey did anybody else notice that the woman who plays the publisher in the episode "the monster at the end of the book" already made an appearance in a previous season? She played the role of Karen in season 2 episode 7 "the usual suspects". Why did they do that? Seems a bit odd.

They're Back!

Finally! An episode that made me laugh (come on, Wincest...how could you not), yell at the screen (in joy at bringing back the plot from S3 and at the angels), and almost cry (poor Chuck).