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Jensen Having a Bad Day?

In "On The Head of a Pin", the scene where Dean is yelling at Uriel and Castiel in the hotel room and says "So maybe you could stop pushing us around like chess pieces, for 5 freakin minutes!". If you watch closely at Jensen's lips you can fully see that he doesn't say "freakin" he actually says "fuckin". You can also see Jared's reaction to him doing so, but I guess carried on in character knowing that it could be dubbed over later.. which it was, seeing as though you can't say "fuckin" on Supernatural lol. Just an observation :)

S4 EP16 - I can't believe this!

I loved it! Now I'm scared the season will end on a high and I'm gonna go through cold turkey for the next season. WTH is happening? A new found legion against God. Angels going bad over jealousy? Oh man.

Is it me or?

Is it me or did Sam eyes get extra black in tonight episode On the Head of a Pin. I feel so bad for Dean, but i'm so ready to see the old Dean (sigh). Sam is really getting in deep. I think Papa Winchester words are coming to light. If you can't save him (Sam) you're gonna have to kill him.

not yelling

yeh can we like get some links for Supernatural, Season 4 Episode 15 or what? just asking i mean gosh i really wanna see it been looking up links all day

family remains question (can be spoiler)

ok so I just watched Family remains and I would like to know how the locked up sibling were able to write? I mean, they never even saw daylight so I can't imagine their monster of a father giving home schooling them or anything, right?

does anyone know why "criss angel is a douche bag"?

i was just curious if there was a reason for the episode title, like refusing to do the show or something like that.

supernatural family remains.

i thought this episode was defantly one of the best, is scared the life outa me, dont ya think?

Family remains, Deans involvement?

Episode 4.11: Family Remains Airdate: February 2009 The boys investigate a farm house that seems to be haunted by a woman in the walls. A family moves out to the country house after the oldest son, Andy, died in a car accident last year. The woman in the wall kidnaps and kills the uncle and also kidnaps the youngest son, Danny. It is unsure whether or not Danny survives because the ghost seemed to enjoy playing with Danny. For some reason unknown to everyone, including Sam, Dean is extremely motivated in saving Danny and helping this family. Source: SpoilerFix.com Why do you think Deans so eager to help? Is this part of his Redemption plan? Or is there something dark and sinister hiding in the eldest Winchester's closet... again...:D


ok, m just gonna come out and say this, after watching the heaven and hell episode, which was phenomenal by the way, i have got to say the angels r not getting it easy from the writers. they make them seem like mindless, murdering, boring robots who just follow orders n have no thots of their own. i think this is wrong cos God gives all of his creatures free will to be with him or not and they are happy in his service. i think hell has a better PR officer(lol), who tells us hey we have evil inside us and being evil is us just being our true selves lol. of course the angels r saying the exact reverse that all humans r good as we were made 4rm pure goodness. plus all this angel falling to earth,turning human, taking back her grace n returning to being an angel, m sorry i didn't buy it, was wayyyyyyyyyyyy too far fetched for me. if that was the case why don't d angels just take leave from work? yeah!!!!!!!!!. they'ld be like oh castiel m tired will u keep my grace 4 me while i travel down to earth for my summer holiday, there's this nice looking hunk i've been wa8ing to bone all these 100yrs, c y'all when i get back, i promise to give u all the sordid details 4rm a human's body pov. lol lol lol lol lol.

Talking Teddy on Wishing Well

I just laughed my ass off every time Teddy came on.... Still laughing!!! Specially the part with the shotgun lmaorofl, i cant stop laughing about it!!