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Fallen Idol...

Love the reference to House Of Wax.. And Sam's expression.. Good Times xx.. Looking forward to the newer episodes they look like supernatural at its best.. Witty and just plain random

Friends Any Comments on Supernatural Seoson 5 Episode 1

i personally enjoyed the latest episode. I missed Deans Comments over the summer. with the devil out HAAA.

this isn't right!

today is the day that the new episode of supernatural will be released and its on my clock 10:23 pm and there are 5 links... but none of them has the episode! 3 are just random commercials about some other TV show, then the fourth is a small fail blog movie and the fifth is the last episode of the fourth season of supernatural! please be more carefull when you place a link please =)...


Does anyone know if Ed Zeddmore and Harry Spangler, the very awesome and quirky Ghostfacers/Hell Hounds Lair geeks are going to be in season 5? I know Jo, Ellen, and Jessica will be, among other guest stars, but Ed and Harry were always my favorite, but I can't find out whether or not we'll see them again.

Supernatural Discussion: 5 or 6 Seasons - Featured

Awhile back, Supernatural creator Eric Kripke revealed that he had a concrete 5-season plan for the run of the series. Kripke's contract with the series is also for 5 seasons. However, a 6th season is looking increasingly likely; both series stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are contracted for that additional, 6th season. So my question is: Would you rather see the series run for the 5 seasons that its creator envisioned? Or...assuming the series stars are returning (though it's possible that creator Eric Kripke would not), are you game for a Season 6? Supernatural Season 5 Premieres on The CW Thursday, September 10th Also, check out CriticalMyth's review of the upcoming Supernatural Season 4 DVD Release.