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Episode 4, "The Strongest Man Alive" Recap

At the end of Day 9 Timbera returns to camp at night. Ben wants Erinn out. He says she's the cancer of the tribe. I seem to recall he previously considered Candace the cancer. I'd point out that he's only referring to the threat these women pose to him in the game but that was transparent weeks ago. Coach offers Brendan the leadership position but he tries to make everyone feel guilty for it. Woody Erinn neurotically babbles that she didn't mean to suggest Coach wouldn't be a good leader because she thinks he'd make a great leader. Oh yes, this is the Timbera I love and the one that I've missed all week. They're miserable. They hate each other. The nastiest things they say about each other are the compliments. After the break, Taj pulls Stephen aside and asks him to be a part of the cross-tribal alliance. He jumps at it. Stephen's obviously a smart guy. It's not beyond him to create these opportunities for himself, not just take them when they're offered. Come on, Stephen. Wake up. At TImbera Brendan realizes as they're all leaving for the challenge that he forgot to tell Sierra about the alliance. Since the plan was to send her to Exile Island so she could strategize with the other side that could be awkward. Brendan, you had over 24 hours, man. It wasn't possible to take her aside at any point? I'm just picturing Taj approaching Sierra and her backing away making a vampire cross with her fingers as though Taj were the biggest, craziest schemer of all time. At the Reward Challenge, the weight bearers hold poles on their shoulders. More and more sandbags are added until one side collapses like a donkey in the desert heat. The winners get to raid the enemy camp. How very retro - how terribly Pearl Islands. I like it. Brendan goes for the record at 220 pounds of weight captured by Rupert in the Pearl Islands but he can't do it. JT can. He breaks the record. Debbie is the last one to break down for Timbera, as Jalapao wins again. With Jalapao getting to raid what little Timbera owns this could get worse and worse. We could definitely be looking at another Palau, where Kuror ransacked Ulong week after week. I do like Jalapao, with Sandy and Taj and TJ. I wouldn't mind seeing them all stick together at this point. To Read More Click Here .