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26 Great TV Shows That Got a Quick Hook - Featured

Entertaiment Weekly has constructed one of their giant lists - this one of canceled-too-soon TV shows, in honor of the DVD release of one such show, Andy Richter Controls the Universe. Popular favorites on the list include Moonlight , Journeyman , Firefly , Swingtown and this season's Life on Mars (but no Eli Stone ?!). Check out the full list: 26 Great TV Shows That Got a Quick Hook And share which canceled show you are most distraught over...or which show is missing from this list.

Show will likely go off the air

Bummer, because this is one fantastic show. Definitely check it out if you haven't already. The attention to 70's style and paraphernalia is impeccable. Also, great plot lines with few relinquishments to the cheese-ball faux drama that typically characterizes shows like Lost. So why is it going off the air? There is a great article in AdAge about it (" Advertisers Don't Party With CBS's Swingers") which you can't access without a subscription, but essentially the article says that advertisers are too worried about offending aging, right-wing middle America. According to the article, Phillips pulled its advertising because it received 5 CONSUMER COMPLAINTS! Wow, a whole five complaints. How many complaints do networks receive for their crap-tastic lineup of summer reality shows? Kudos to CBS for producing this show. Please add my 1 complaint that there are not more shows like Swingtown.

Did anybody watch last night's show? I think the last 2 episodes have revived a dying drama.

I tuned into Swingtown the first time because I couldn't find anything else to watch. I wasn't very impressed because I thought it was cliched. I watched the second episode and it didn't change my opinion. Last week's cabin episode was more fun and more nuanced and I found myself liking it and admiring the writing, acting, directing, and story lines. I only discovered while reading the credits on this last episode that Alan Poul produces it, which makes sense given the subtlety and understated elegance of this series. I would really like to know what other people think of it.

Yes! Some Summer excitement

I for one think this is a sexy show. It will bring about some welcome change from all the summer reality shows. I grew up in the 70s and I enjoy seeing the clothes and hearing the music. Wonder if my parents did any of this stuff?