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Jesse Dead or Alive? read on

The writers obviously left her story open ended so that they could bring her back if they wanted to. The writing was very strong in the last episode and I think that this may be the final season because it seems like the story is being wrapped up character development wise. However, with the story of Derek and Jesse comes a tragic ending. I think the only way we will ever see Jesse again is if the fans of the show make a big enough uproar about the exit of her character that the writers sieze the opportunity to bring her back in as another female badass. Though probably not this season, seeing as how we already have Sarah, Cameron, and Weaver. The only problem I see with the Jesse coming back Scenario is that we won't ever get to see Chola again gawddammit! Seriously, the writers need to bring that girl back as a T-808e5208357209hi whatever model they want. It's the only way to solidify the badassness of this show's female cast. Lord knows John Connor is the only gay man in my life right now that I feel the strong urge to slap. So get out there and make an upheavil about Jesse's unfortunate end. I mean what the hell Derek!? just fucking kill yourself you asshole. gawd, i'm not straight but I'll take her off your hands if that's what you need.

Last Voyage of the Jimmy Carter (2)

Excellent episode!...but how much is Summer Glau being paid for doing NOTHING! I want THAT gig! The other half of the title is TERMINATOR!


Whats the deal with ratings? why do some tv shows with good ratings/reviews/fanbase get cancelled whilst others with low ratings are still around. For example Pushing Daisies, which averaged 9million viewers (13m at its best), has been canceled despite a great fanbase, critical acknowlegment and good ratings. However shows such as Dexter only average about 1mill viewers but hasnt been cancelled. dont get me wrong i think dexter is a great programme but im just confused. i would like to know how the system of tv viewership and the lifespan of a show works. I generally thought programs which averaged above the 2mill ratings were popular. I understand if tv progs are euthanised due to poor storylines/ cul de sac etc. i.e. the once great prison break (which still gets good ratings) and heroes which storylines seem to be going down an endless black hole . Does it depend on the network the program is on, the budget etc. or all of it combined. if budget is the concern, then why does a show like the Tudors (as an example) which must cost a lot of $mula$ keep surviving despite only averaging less than 1 mill viewers. Now with talks of T:TSCC, Dollhouse (which average 3mill pw) about to be cancelled, can someone please shed some light on this matter for me as it has been bugging me since the great modern classic that is Pushing Daises was cruely cut short. Before T:TSCC is killed can someone please put me out of my misery. Long live the pie makers and Jameron

THREE WAY ROBOT FIGHT FEST!!! ... is what the season finale needs :]

So this is how my season finale will play out. The toddler version of Chromartie (John Henry) is going to kill Catherine Weaver's daughter somehow. So Weaver hunts the shit out of him throughout the 23 story building, realizing that she actually has affection for her daughter. John Henry plays his games with her, locking down the entire building and everyone inside. As he soon finds out that she is no mood to play, she uses Ellison and other employees to get passed each level. Ellison realizes what is going on just moments too late. He makes one final call to Sarah and Co. The only people who can take John Henry down. In his final moments, Sarah Weaver reveals her true form and what really happened on the day the helicopter crashed and killed her husband. She kills Ellison in an act of mercy. Sarah and Co. get on their way, calling up Derek who is with Jesse at the hotel. She offers her services when she finds out what's happening, figuring this could be her chance to off Cameron. The team arrives at Weaver's office with guns in hand, but cannot go through the front door. Meanwhile, Weaver has almost reached John Henry. She walks to the elevator where John Henry asks his final question. "Who did your daughter call for the moment before she died?" "She called for me John Henry. Her mother." "Wrong Catherine." Catherine looks up waiting for a deathtrap. There is none. "I'll give you one more guess Catherine." "John Henry..." "Just one more Catherine. You know this one. I'm positive." "John Henry!" "Say it Catherine and you can see me." "She called for her father." Slight pause. "Correct." The elevator door opens up and the team is standing within, their guns raised and faces locked on Catherine. "Come with us if you want to live." Says Sarah. "No need." Catherine replies as she steps onto the platform. "I'm quite fine on my own." On the short trip to the top floor, John Henry reveals something. "There is non human life on board this elevator. Did you know that?" John Henry asks. "Who are you speaking to John Henry?" Asks Catherine. "Both parties." "For what purpose?" Catherine inquires. "This will be most interesting Catherine. To see how a three way combat scenario between entirely different models plays out." Sarah and Co. look at Cameron as she looks straight ahead at Catherine. "She isn't human." "And neither are you." Catherine states as the elevator opens up and John Henry waits for her at her desk. The three way battle commences!!! What aboot you guys? I think this would be the best way to close the finale. We deserve a kick ass robot fight after all of that waiting around.

Most under rated show?

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles i find is. It got moved to Friday but it really is top notch just like the shows on Mondays. I got great ratings for a Friday show. I just hope it not canceled like most shows on Friday do. Also supernatural is very under rated. So what does you find under rated?

Who else can't wait till friday?

terminator finally comes back can't wait!

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles not canncled thank god!

It was said fox was going to shut down the show but i am happy i love the show they did the right thing just moving it to friday's it better now for me seeing that i had to watch heroes prison break Terminator and chuck all in one night

is it me or are all the conners all emo

have you noticed that john and his mom are going all emo. i mean they are so depressing it makes REAL emo's look happy. john has a hot chick to do dirty stuff with but his mom is such a b**** just because shes not getting any so john is all emo for not getting any as well lol

Blind Item Fun: Backstage War

I've seen at least 3 separate sites discussing this blind item , which was originally posted by EW's Michael Ausiello. My interest has officially been piqued. The show is said to be a show in its sophomore season (and a drama) and the clue is as follows: "Each actor is crazier than the next," whispers a staffer employed behind the scenes at the war-torn program. "And they all pretty much hate each other." And they're finding it increasingly difficult to hide their mutual disdain from viewers. Per my snitch, the male lead "cannot stand" his love interest, "and it's obvious by their complete lack of chemistry." The good news is, the nightmare may soon be over for all concerned. Although the show enjoys a rabid cult following and solid critical support, its ratings are such that a third season is looking very unlikely." Sophomore show options: Pushing Daisies Private Practice Dirty Sexy Money Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Chuck Life Lipstick Jungle Eli Stone And...today Ausiello added that it's definitely not Pushing Daisies . So...there's not that many options here. Let's figure it out. My first guess was Dirty Sexy Money , but does that really have a rabid cult following? And it's not Chuck because those kids' chemistry is electric! My money's on Private Practice (Addison and Pete haven't had all that many scenes together this season...). However, I haven't been keeping up with T:TSCC (which of the batch I would honestly say has the most rabid cult following). What's the chemistry like there?


The new episode of prison break (or whatever show) is out and you're excited. You come to the sidereel page all eager and ready to watch. And you are told as soon as you get there, that a character has died. Why? Why?! Why must the fan scroll through reviews and news packed with spoilers to get to the episodes in the first place? Sidereel: understand your priorities, your ruining what should be a brilliant experience. Then again, I could be mistaken. Is there a way to customise your profile so such articles are not there?