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Are Geeks'n Nerds the new 'typical' hero?

Am I the only one who has noticed a radical change in movie-heroes? -Don't get me wrong, the "typical-guy" is a classical (stereotyped) movie-hero. But it seems to have been taken further. I am especially thinking of Michael Cera (- who most significantly embody the concept of the heroic geek Juno , Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist), Jesse Eisenberg ( Adventureland ) and Andy Samberg. All of which display a wonderful bunch of 'geeky hairstyles' - a clear standpoint on standing out (which I can only applaud). We see it in television as well with 'the Big Bang Theory' gang where geeks have rockstar-like status, and Ugly Betty . Even the reality show ' Beauty and the Geek has changed our stereotyped outlook on the 'geek'. To me it has been long in the making -starting with 'That 70's show's Eric & 'Friends' Ross -escalating slowly to become more significant.... but I might be wrong -what do you think?