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Who the hell are these people??!

Last year it was great, you had a world heavyweight boxing champion, a genuine nice guy country singer, a tv judge from a world wide talent contest, an ultimate fighting champion, famous actor Vincent Pastore, Gene Simmons from KISS and a couple of olympic gold medalists for the women...and then some completely random banshee from the first season. You have to admit, that little lot is hard to beat for season 8 so I am guessing the producers simply didn't bother? Joan Rivers. Well, that line up of celebrities is really impressive isn't it??! I understand the idea of catering to a largely American public but what exactly were the crew doing when they got them to appear? This whole "un-reality" obsession is really starting to grate now, it has become less about people of substance and more about people who simply want to get on television at any cost. It is all about charity, shouldn't the goal be about huge names that everyone in the world instantly recognises?