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deanna pick the right guy

from watching the show i feel deanna choice should be jason, on the home dates they such a wonderful family. deanna made the right choice sending graham home, he was not ready and if she had kept him there she would have been left broken hearted again. i think deanna is a great girl, from the final 3 the choice she needs to make to be happy is jason.

4th week rough times.

wow way to much bad feelings in this episode. I can't believe some of these guys. Women are sensitive creatures. This has to be hard for one women to date all these guys and decide who gets a rose and who don't and who will go home. but it was a great episode and I hope the guys learned something about her.

June 2 episode was a surprise.

I really thought the machanicle bull ride was cool. I am glad that Jason finally told her about having a son. I loved that She named a star after Jason's son. I cried happy tears with when that happened. I am glad she didn't give Ron a rose, he just wouldn't open up. I am excited to next week episode.

Thank you

Thank you Sidereel so much for posting links other than the abc.com website because i live in Canada and abc.com doesn't work for me...please keep posting other links than abc.com for the next episodes to come....Thank you again!

I love this show

I can't believe she gave Twilly a rose. but I guess everyone has their own reasons why they would pick a guy like him to date. I wouldn't though. This show is very funny and interesting I can't wait till next week to watch it again.

i love her

i want to see this

Any place to watch besides ABC?

My computer is too slow and old to support ABC's video player. Is there another place online that I could watch this show without paying for it?

Please Post the Premier Episode!

I missed the premier episode on Monday and it is no where to be found! Can someone please please post this episode! I'm dying to see it!

How to find episodes of the bachelorette in Canada???

I have been searching the internet looking for the new bachelorette season 4 and cant find it anywhere.. the only place that has them is ABC and they wont let you watch them if you live in Canada.. which is so annoying since they air the show here... any help would be great!!!