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That was so cute!

I love Sheldon even more due to the "Dare Devil" comment! still want to drop kick Affleck!!! God!! tee hee Bazinga!

3.11 "The Maternal Congruence" - The Kiss!

When I saw the previews I was under the impression that the kiss would take place earlier in the episode and be the spark for the story of the episode. I'm a little disappointed that the kiss did not have much of an effect (other than shock value) in this episode. Considering the way the relationship between Sheldon and Leonard's mother, Beverly (Christine Baranski) has been set up, this was a pretty weak pay off. I hope to see more of them, they play off each other very well. On the plus side, having them jump into bed (or a relationship) together may have been a storyline not suited for Big Bang Theory . What did you think of the kiss? Do you think that the Sheldon/Beverly plot line is something that should continue to be explored? Does anyone know if Christine Baranski is scheduled for more guest appearances soon?

Episode 3-9 Vengeance Formulation

Great Episode. Seriously good. When Raj imitated the 'Wizard of Oz' lollipop guild, I myself nearly fell on the floor. Classic stuff. Jamesoc

episode picture

this picture wih blonde girl in pink at door with sheldon and leonard doesnt seem to be in epdisode, does it or is it my mistake?

The Pirate Solution question

What did Sheldon mean that Raj's native language is english? Isn't he from India?