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5 Things That Stunk About This Week's Episode of 'Biggest Loser'

This week   The Biggest Loser   went to Camp Pendleton (it's sort of like when   Glee   did Britney, except this theme week was far less successful). The contestants trained with the Marines, bonded like Marines, and ate like Marines. At the end of it all at one of the least impressive weigh-ins ever, three contestants gained weight and Bob deemed it "unacceptable." I agree, Bob, but I don't think it's fair to blame it on the contestants. This week went haywire and, at times, just downright stunk, and here are the five stinkiest things (excluding the gym) about this episode: #5 The episode was only an hour long.   #4 Elizabeth's performance in the team obstacle course.   #3 The weigh-in.   #2 The decision to vote Anna out.   #1 This whole focacta idea from the producers.   Seriously, what were they thinking? It was a failure of an idea, since the contestants didn't have a choice in what they were doing or eating, not to mention that sleep deprivation and weight-loss work against each other. What really stinks about this whole idea is that the contestants were blamed for their poor results, even though it wasn't their idea to train with the Marines. I respect the Marines, it was cool to see how they train, but what they're doing works for them and not necessarily for weight loss. Plus, what is going on in this picture, how is it helping anything? To Read More  Click here.