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the bridge and the cleavland show

are we to presume that as there are no links added for both these shows that they have been cancelled

family guy

im thkn tht famly guy is going to go down because of cleveland.

Since when did this new family come...

Since when did Cleaveland have 3 kids. All i can remember is the little boy and his wife.. Lol he just started all over again?! or did i miss something?

Cleveland Jr

Anyone else notice that the image of Cleveland Jr looks an awful lot like Peter Griffin, only black and shorter? Somewhat confusing to me.

The Cleveland Show?!... What were they thinking?

Is it just me, or does 'The Cleveland Show' seem like the worst possible idea for a Family Guy spin-off? The character is just so dull and dreery, and takes, like, 15 minutes to get out a sentance, not that i'd be listening to the sentance because of the pain-stakingly dull tone of his voice. It just seems like they could've made a much better spin off idea other than 'The Life and Times of Boring Ol' Cleveland'. I'd rather watch a show about the life of Quagmire, for sure, who I've always found to be such a weird and interesting character, not to mention a hilarious one. I'd even rather watch a spin-off about the life of Stewie or Meg or Chris and what they get up to at school. In fact, just about anyone in the Family Guy universe: Tom Tucker, Opie, Brian's Gay Cousin Jasper, Greased-Up Deaf Guy, Joe, Ollie the Blackie Weather Reporter, Death, etc, would make immensely better main characters for a spin off. Just not Cleveland! [EDIT] So, I just found this promo picture of The Cleveland Show: Do you notice the same thing I do? He has a daughter who's the eldest, a fat nerdy son who is the middle child, and a baby with a mishapen head... Does it remind you of anyone?: I'm a big fan of Seth McFarlane, but he basically made the same show twice. It's the exact same show, only now the characters are black (no offense intended). What's the point in making a new show, even a spin-off, if you aren't going to mix it up a little bit? I also noticed something in The Cleveland Show poster. They have bears for neighbours. Bears... for neighbours? Are you kidding me? That's just desperate! ... your thoughts?

The Rise and fall of Spinoffs

When Joanie loved Chachi it lasted exactly 17 episodes. When Frasier loved Niles it lasted even longer-ish. When Skeletor remembered he had a mentor that had long ago been locked on another planet with He-Man's sister, it was like a steel-toed boot to the nethers. But that's just the risk of a spin off, now isn't it? You think you've got a great product, but then Hordak shows up and kicks you in the jellies. Unless the spin-off of which you speak belongs to Cleveland Brown of Family Guy fame. He, apparently, is on the threshold of carrying his own show. where it this going to end? For more on this discussion, visit Heckler Spray