The Future Diary
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The Future Diary

"Double Holder"

Date Aired: Jan 22, 2012

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Aru deduces that the Eighth's diary is a server hosting and sending predictions to the blogs of her apprentices. When Yuki's diary predicts an attack by three of them, Aru has him moved to Kousaka's mansion. His plan is to lure the apprentices in, then deactivate the area's cell phone tower, severing their connection to the Eighth's server. Once the attack begins, however, Yuno appears and cuts the power to the tower remote control, wanting to defend Yuki by herself. Aru and Kousaka rush to deactivate the tower manually, while Yuki keeps Yuno in restraints. Two of Eighth's apprentices, Marco Ikusaba and Ai Mikami, manage to corner Yuki and Yuno by the time Aru deactivates the tower. However, Marco and Ai reveal that they are also the "owner" of a bona fide Future Diary, which has remained unaffected. With no other choice, Yuki releases Yuno, who intimidates the couple into retreating. When the third apprentice sets the mansion on fire, however, Marco and Ai counterattack. Their diaries' ability to predict each other's actions manages to overwhelm Yuno, resulting in her and Yuki getting injured and their diaries taken away. As Yuki and his friends are brooding in the hospital, they are approached by Uryu.
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