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Just Keeps Getting Better

Every episode just makes this show better. In "Heart" Peter seems to completely flip his opinion of Will. While Peter was in jail he warned Alicia about Will and how he would stab her in the back. Was this jealousy or was there something more to it. And now Peter has made the connection to Kalinda working at Stern Lockhart and Gardner. What will this bear in the future? While the plot is getting more in depth and interesting so is the acting. Julianna Margulies is amazing in this episode. The look in her eyes the moment she realizes Wills look of raw emotion is not just about the failed lawsuit is so fantastic. And both her and Josh Charles out do themselves in the discussion that is not a discussion scene "I know", how can two words say so much. On a down note. While I will never say that seeing Josh Charles with a little stuble is a bad thing, in fact quite the opposite, I can't beleive a title partner at a firm would not have an electric razor in his bathroom.

Hands down - The Best Show On Tv

Anyone who has been watching this show and watched last night's episode will have to agree that this show is absolutely awesome and just keeps getting better and better. SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't watched yesterday's episode DO NOT read on.... But for those of you who have...OMG!!! The Will/Alicia kiss was brilliant! And it came when we least expected it...well, at least it was a surprise for me... There was all this amazing build up in all the past episodes but I didn't really expect Alicia to do anything about it, but when she did...it was amazing...i loved it. In fact the entire episode was amazing. From the case of the baby's surgery to Kalinda cloning the phone to tap into Nyholm's text message's and Will's reaction to it. The interactiong between Will and Peter...perfect!! I did miss Cary and Diane in this episode, but overall it was great and I can't wait for the next one.

The Good Wife: The Best Show on TV? - Featured

Is The Good Wife the best show on television? That's the bold statement Entertainment Weekly makes in it latest cover story. Featuring a portrait of stars Juliana Margulies and Chris Noth, the magazine quotes the former as saying she was hesitant to anchor a legal drama because she didn't wish to get bogged down in procedural cases each week. 'One of the reasons Murder, She Wrote was on for so long was that America loves an ending after each show, where you can solve it and it's done," Margulies said, an observation that could also apply to current hits CSI and NCIS. To Read More Click Here .

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whats going on with tv shows at the moment they seem to be all over the place one week both ncis and ncis la is on the next its not same with the good wife it seems like fridays and sundays are the same cant tv networks sort themselves out the holiday season is over no excuse