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Just Keeps Getting Better

Every episode just makes this show better. In "Heart" Peter seems to completely flip his opinion of Will. While Peter was in jail he warned Alicia about Will and how he would stab her in the back. Was this jealousy or was there something more to it. And now Peter has made the connection to Kalinda working at Stern Lockhart and Gardner. What will this bear in the future? While the plot is getting more in depth and interesting so is the acting. Julianna Margulies is amazing in this episode. The look in her eyes the moment she realizes Wills look of raw emotion is not just about the failed lawsuit is so fantastic. And both her and Josh Charles out do themselves in the discussion that is not a discussion scene "I know", how can two words say so much. On a down note. While I will never say that seeing Josh Charles with a little stuble is a bad thing, in fact quite the opposite, I can't beleive a title partner at a firm would not have an electric razor in his bathroom.