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where is 13

where is ep 13

It's shaping up Goode!

Give this show a chance! The premiere was a slow start its true but the next two shows were really funny and I think as the characters develop we're going to have another gem from Mike Judge. Remember, this is the guy who brought us Beavis and Butthead and King of the Hill, he will not disappoint!

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We got another new summer series premiere last night with Mike Judge's ( King of the Hill ) The Goode Family . The cartoon - about a family obsessed with doing what's right, yet somehow always ends up doing what's wrong - has received lukewarm reviews by critics. So who checked out last night's premiere? What did you think? Were the critics wrong? If you haven't watched, watch it now !

Cop out

In a word....."YAAAAAAAAAWN"-- Im not sure if the Goode family is supposed to be funny but its not. I understand the obvious poke at liberal hypocrisy and the empty headed belief system they employ in their daily lives but this take is just boring. You either have to make minced meat of this completely naive segment of society or leave it be. The jokes are so obvious and taken to such a polite level that i felt like an attempt to be politically correct had ruined the show, which is of course, the ultimate in irony. Sorry, this ones a loser unless you are afraid laughing might offend someone so you enjoy bland, humorless comedy.