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The Hills Season 6 Episode 12 "Season Finale - The End" Review

Well I can not believe I am actually typing this but tonight was the last episode of The Hills EVER! That's right boys and girls there will be no more drama in Hollywood that involves the infamous Heidi and Spencer Pratt. But as for the finale, what did you think? The opening tonight involved that ladies (all but Heidi) together talking about how much everything is going to change. Lo admits that she is ready and wants babies, and Kristen just doesn't know what she wants from here on out. Clearly still affected by the heartbreak from Brody. When the Hill's opening credits started rolling, I was almost disappointed knowing it would be the last time. One thing this show had was great up to date music! So it looks like Little Miss Goodie Two Shoes Lo, will maybe start breaking the rules, as in her rule. She might move in with Scott even without an engagment ring, how modern of you Lo. And Stephanie decides she might go see her new boy toy at a motocross event, too much commitment? Nah! So she does and they end up exclusive. So Kristen thinks it is time to move out of LA and try somewhere new, as in make new memories, and I can not blame her. Especially since her and Brody are going no where. She did invite him to her going away party and what was with that reaction??? He said that he wasn't coming? It was definately an interesting moment. But in the end he did show up and he finally let go of his feelings for her. But in the end she did end up going, Where? I would only wonder. And I am really dissappointed about the Heidi/Spencer no show tonight. And there wasn't anything about Justin and Audrina beside Audrina stating that she doesn't want to go to Kristen's party because she doesn't want to run into Justin. Maybe a ploy for the show? What did you think of this finale?

The Hills Season 6 Episode 12 "The End" Preview

Well it looks like we are in for a special treat tonight as the season finale of The Hills is here. But not only is it the season finale it is also the end forever. The show will no longer be returning after tonight. So will we get the answers we want, will Kristen and Brody work things out? Will we get an appearance from Heidi and Spencer? Will Justin and Audrina get back together? Guess we will find out tonight on The Hills