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The Killing Season 3 Review Hope Kills

The Killing has been cruising down a dark road for the last couple episodes, in no particular hurry to get anywhere. Last night, it caused some serious whiplash by slamming on the gas. All of the season’s major storylines careened off in directions that are interesting, but I suspect do not lead to the ultimate destination – who killed the teen prostitutes and Seward’s wife. The most logical place to start is with Pastor Mike. At the end of last week, Holder started to suspect Pastor Mike, who operates the teen shelter, may have an involvement with the missing and dead girls. He certainly acted the part of shifty pedophile with his wall of little girl photos and placating tone. This time it was Holder, not Linden, who lost his cool and almost went after the guy without probable cause. Linden pulls him back and they set about building their case. They learn that Pastor Mike is using a false identity and was previously arrested for kidnapping a young girl in another state. They also discover that his car is missing, which raises suspicions that he’s driving a rental because his car is covered in blood. One of the shelter’s residents also outs him for lying about having ever seen Angie – the young woman who was previously discovered by Linden and Holder at the vet’s office. READ MORE...

The Killing Recap: Shepherd and Flock

It’s episodes like this one that make me wish the Killing weren't a show about trying to solve a single case. Or that it at least better understood that a detour doesn’t have to involve chasing dead-end leads. Both Holder and Linden are potentially such complicated, interesting characters. One of the best episodes of last season mainly featured the two of them sitting in their car, getting to know each other. Last night we got nice glimpses of that dynamic again but only interspersed between their pursuing another probable red herring. Because even though I too saw the blood in the pastor’s backseat and the ending where he holds a knife to Linden’s throat, we are, after all, only on episode seven. Which means unless the show has made like the computer in War Games and learned how to learn, that dude is not our killer. I’m hoping that I’m wrong about this. //www.vulture.com/2013/07/killing-recap-season-3-hope-kills.html

The Killing Review: A Break In the Case

Is Pastor Mike the killer Linden and Holder have been looking for? Or is he just a murderer that's coincidentally similar? Or is he an innocent man wrongly accused? The evidence against the shepherd of lost children certainly seems rather damaging, but then again, so was the evidence against Ray Seward. And he (as far as we know now) isn't guilty of his crimes. Read More... //www.tvfanatic.com/2013/07/the-killing-review-a-break-in-the-case/

'The Killing' recap: The Cowardly Lyin'

Holder and Seward focus on Pastor Mike, Bullet and Lyrics' honeymoon doesn't last long, Seward is shaken by his impending death Read More... //tvrecaps.ew.com/recap/the-killing-season-3-episode-7-recap-hope-kills/