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episode 9

Can't agree more with you ladyd22002 ... Here in Canada, we are one week later than Showtime... But here, I am at the same time as in the US... Can't wait to see episode 9... Can't wait to see TiBette...

How much longer.....

When should the links be up?? Demanding lil lesbians aren't we? lol Marcell

L Word


The L Word...

...Completes my life! Haha. I'm so incredibly addicted. I was so happy to find The L word posted on this site! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

L Word Showings

Thank you so much for posting links to watch the L Word online. My girlfriend and I love the L Word. There's always something new and interesting that the casts are doing, and we look forward to watching every episode! Keep posting!

what happened to episode 6 part TWO of Season 5?

i just saw it up last night and i watched part one, wanting to watch part II today and it's gone! what happened? :(


I am absolutly loving you guys for putting the L word on line!!! Thank you so much :-) I did buy the seasons 1 - 2 and 3 and will buy the next ones later on. But I just cannot wait for them to get out in dvd's so I watch them here first. So thank you so much for beeing so quick to put the episodes on!!!!! Nathalie Laval, Québec, Canada